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Landscaping is the Technique to modify the visibility, rather, it is an art of beautifying the open area that is out of a big house so as to give the onlooker an aesthetic look or appearance that is very pleasing to the heart and provide fresh air as well. It may be done through altering the shape, planting different beautiful trees, growing specialized grass and shrubs, planting various kinds of flowerbeds, installing small fountains and changing the area in a way it gives a wonderful and exciting look to the visitors and the dwellers.

It may be noted here that landscaping is quite different for the ‘NATURAL LANDSCAPE’ that is the natural beauty present at thousands of places all over the world. Natural Landscape also shows the habitat of that particular area.

As stated briefly, landscaping can be done in many ways. One way is to make a ‘vertical garden’. What is needed for it is a man-made vertical place to grow edible fruit plant vines. Depending on the weather condition you can choose, grape vine, kiwi vine, tomatoes, peas and pole vines etc.

Try making a lattice with strong support for holding the pots. In these pots you can grow plants, flowers and even vegetables also. Color all the pots differently in bright ( or light ) colors of your choice. But to have a pleasing look, different kinds of colorful flowers plants are recommended by the Landscaping experts.

If there are walls out there, then you have a great opportunity to make a hanging garden of leafy green plant. You can also put wooden frames of Antique designs to hang plants, just inside the frame. Paint the frame with Golden or white color. You’ll get a wonderful ‘vow’ look, not forgetting to watering of the plants to clean off the dirt or mud collected on the grown plants.

The man-made landscaping process is a vast field of beautifying not only the outdoor of a house or building. It stretches to industrial constructions, city developments, highways and road constructions, various governmental developments programs and many of those open areas where beatification of the area is the need of the time.

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In today’s world of great industrialization all over the world factory debris remains dumped un-attended. Fresh air parks and trees with flower plants are the need of the time for a better and healthy environment that is pleasantly aesthetic as well. Similarly, inter-city connecting highways and roads can also be beautified with planting of green leafy trees, flower-beds and parks that in turn will provide a breath-taking look as well as a healthy atmosphere.

If we take the case of big cities where every inch of land cost money and every part of the land is occupied and converted into high-rise buildings, apartments and offices, there is a possibility of landscaping those parts of these construction that are open, like balconies, facades and open windows.

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