5 Must Have Garden Accessories to Get in 2019

The backyard of your home is a sacred space that you can use to turn your home into a little heaven. So in a world where personal space is getting limited day by day, you should count yourself lucky if you have a private piece of the outdoors. This is because gardens offer so much more than the usual lawn. They are now made of balconies, courtyards and beautiful terraces. Hence, you can extend your interiors into them to create your own magical oasis. And the best way to achieve that is by accessorizing it. Sounds like something you want to do?

Here are the top 5 must-have garden accessories in 2019:

1.Motion Activated Sprinkler

If you want to maintain the green color of your lawn and see the flowers and plants blossom all year long, then the activated motion sprinkler is what you need. With its automated movement sensor functionality, it doubles up as your garden security from intruders. It doesn’t harm animals.

2.A Hedge Trimmer

Every garden has those high places that make it difficult to trim. But you can now rest easy with the various hedge trimmers on sale in the market. Go for a portable electric one with multi-angled cords and a long laser blade and your hedge will look neater than before.

3.A Backyard Hot tub

If having a relaxing soak with a wine glass in hand and inhaling the freshest breath of air is your ultimate shower experience, then you should consider bringing shower time in your backyard. People are now placing hot tubs on their patios and balconies. It’s fun and beneficial. According to the Inflatable Hot Tub Guide website, one of the leading online portable hot tubs reviewers, whatever your budget is, you can always get one that suits your needs. From Aurora hot tubs to Portland hot tubs, you’ll be able to find one for your backyard. And it’s for this reason that most individuals can now afford permanent outdoor Jacuzzi. Propose to join the crowd.

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4.The Husqvarna 450x

We all know that rechargeable lawn mowers are awesome. They’re so much easier to use than corded mowers and a lot cheaper than diesel and petrol mowers. However, the cordless mower has taken on a whole new meaning with the latest innovation being a robot mower! If your love for your lawn couldn’t let you trust its care to someone else, then you must be aware of how overwhelming it can be getting it into a desirable shape, especially if you also have other things to attend to. But no need to worry anymore, the Husqvarna 450x will get you covered in an instant. You just have to set this robotic lawn mower, and the work will be done automatically. So convenient!

5.Combi System Fruits Collector

There’s always something beautiful about having some fruit trees in your backyard. One shake and you will be picking several of them from the ground, fresh and appetizing. But if you dread bending over to pick them, then investing in a fruit collector is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

Your home’s outdoor space speaks a lot about your personality. Therefore, purpose to accessorize it in a way that will fulfill all your gardening fantasies. Remember, it’s your private space, so don’t shy away from exploring. From outdoor hot tubs, fruit collector to a motion activated sprinkler, there is no limit to what you can invest in. Have fun!

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