Here’s How You Can Protect The Home Electrical System

Electrical related damages are often caused due to power surges. Once your house suffers from power surges, all the devices that are connected are at the risk of getting damaged. No matter how big or small the electrical appliances are, everything is at risk.

According to a study conducted by the National, Electrical Manufacturers Association found out that most of the electrical appliances’ damages and that too around 60-80% happen due to power surges. This is the reason why you should call an electrician in Alpharetta who will come and check for the root cause of the problem. The electrician will ensure to check everything and take measures which will allow your appliances to remain safe from power surges.

Understanding power surge

A power surge happens when there is a temporary and sudden splurge of voltage or current of an electrical circuit. This can destroy, damage, and even degrade any type of electrical appliances that you have at home. If you suddenly feel that some of your electrical devices have stopped working, or is working improperly, then there could be a power surge issue.

How to prevent?

The typical indication that there is a power surge is flickering of lights. Switch off the outlets right away if you notice that, this can prevent damages to electronic items. However, this is not the full solution.

This is why you must get in touch with a licensed electrician in Sandy Springs. Your electrical appliances may not get damaged by one strong surge, rather many frequent ones. Just by taking precautions, you won’t be able to deal with this issue. Hence, you should get in touch with an electrician who will come and check the problem for you.

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Some tips that may help:

Install a surge protector

Call an electrician in Sandy Springs; they will be able to tell you and advice the right surge protector for your house. They will install it at the primary breaker, and the device will operate as a gateway between the electrical system and current coming into.

Upgrade the AC unit

Your AC unit restarts multiple times in a day. This may lead to increases chances of more surge because the current builds in. All the new

AC units come with energy-efficiency features, thus needing very less power to operate. New AC units are always better in circulating maximum current, resulting in lesser chances of a surge.

During a storm unplug all the devices

If there is a storm, you should take a look at the devices that are plugged into different sockets. Do you know that there were 115,000 lighting claims made in 2013 all alone? This is why you should make sure to unplug all the electrical devices from the socket when there is a storm.

Go for wiring upgrade if needed

If you are living in an old house, then it is advisable to call a professional and check for all the wirings at home. If there is old wiring, they need an upgrade right away. Old wirings have little to no resistance to surge and disrupt the flow of electricity. Call an expert who will take a look at the wiring of the house, and will advise the right steps to be taken.


Now that you know how to take care of the electrical system, you might have also understood the importance of an electrician. Mr. Electric Of Atlanta is a reliable electrical company who can send trained and experienced professional to come and check for any types of electrical problems at your home. Remember to hire only a professional and dependable company to take care of electrical issues.

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