Choosing a Diamond for an Engagement Ring

While there’s certainly something to be said about browsing jewelry shops for the perfect engagement ring, looking at loose diamonds is a wonderful way to find precisely what you want. When you buy the diamond first, you can choose the ideal setting for showcasing it and create an engagement ring that won’t be the same […]

Creatively Saving Money on Weddings

Many people spend thousands of dollars on their weddings. It’s certainly possible to have a lovely wedding ceremony and save money at the same time. Some couples might be spending an unnecessarily large amount of money on specific services. There are plenty of less expensive options available, especially for creative people who are interested in […]

How to Plan a Drone Wedding Shoot in Austin

Outdoor weddings are always a blast to cover. There is so much creative potential when planning shots in an outdoor ceremony compared to indoors. One of the perks of outdoor weddings is the chance to use drones for video production and photography. Using drones will surely give you fantastic footage to spice up your wedding […]

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