Children's Gift Ideas

Wonderful and Unique Children’s Gift Ideas

Looking for unique gifts ideas for kids? Sometimes when it comes to buying gifts for kids, it’s not always the best toys or what is new, or what everyone else is buying. Of course, don’t get me wrong here, gifts don’t have to be toys. They can be something like Spongebob Squarepants socks and even though they’re just socks, we can bet that your kids will love them.

Here’s the thing, when you’re buying toys or anything else for kids, whether it’s his or her birthday or Christmas if the gifts are unique, fun, adorable, and even better educational, the children will like them. This is the line of thinking for the kid’s learning songs (kls) on YouTube too – fun, educational entertainment.

If you’re still scratching your head thinking about wonderful, unique gifts for kids, you can stop now. Below we have scoured the web to find some nice, unique gifts for your own kids, grandkids, neighbors, nieces, nephews or what have you. Let’s get started:

10 Unique Children’s Gift Ideas

1. Customized Superhero Cape

Customized Superhero Cape
Kids love superhero costumes and accessories. But instead of getting your son or daughter those same, run-of-the-mill ones, why don’t you personalize it? You can customize it by style, color, size, and of course, letter. Afterall, if your son’s name is “Matt”, you want the letter to be “M”, not an “S”, in case you bought him a Superman costume. Furthermore, personalized costumes tend to be of high quality and can be used for many years.

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2. Balance Blox

Balance Blox
Let’s be honest, most toys you can buy today don’t make our kids active. We recommend you buy things for your children that encourage them to be active. This one is great. If your child has just learning walking, a slackline is a great item where they can improve their balance. It’s a good alternative if you don’t two trees in your backyard. You can also it inside or outside. Overall, a great gift.

3. Gorilla Gym

Gorilla Gym
Speaking of staying active, here another awesome gift you can buy for your kids. The Gorilla Gym is ideal for use indoors when the weather is bad. You can hang this thing in the doorway and it also includes various interchangeable parts for different activities. A nice gift for children where they’ll have a lot of fun and stay energetic. A winner, no doubt.

4. Engraved Guitar

Engraved Guitar
Does your child love music? Maybe a piano is out of the question, but you can get your little girl or little boy an engraved guitar like this one. It’s special and thoughtful, and will really make him or her happy.

5. Harry Potter Coloring Books

Harry Potter Coloring Books
Coloring books not only will keep your kids quiet and entertained for hours, it will also help them to express their creativity. But, those usual coloring books have pictures that are all a bit generic. These Harry Potter coloring books are awesome and you can from four different books. Now your kids can immerse themselves in the magical and fantasy world of Hogwarts and make stunning masterpieces.

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6. Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Putty
We all know how much fun playing will silly putty is, but did you hear about magnetic putty? Not only playing with this is much funnier than those old-fashioned putty, it will inspire your kids to think creatively and calm them.

7. Animal Footprint Flip Flops

Animal Footprint Flip Flops
Heading to the beach with your kids this weekend? Why don’t you buy them these whimsical, animal footprinted flip flops? These flip-flops are also versatile and comfy. Kids love with the sand on the beach and if they can create cat prints, they’ll enjoy it even more.

8. Animal Knee Socks

Animal Knee Socks
Speaking of animal footprinted flip flops, you’re out of your mind if you don’t these socks aren’t adorable. We all are fond of nice socks and you can’t have enough of them. These fun animal knee socks can be bought at eight different animals and if you’re a little girl, she will look super cute in these. A must-buy gift if you have a little girl who loves animals or just into fashion.

9. White Canvas TeePee

White Canvas TeePee
Kids like playing in tents in their rooms. You kids will love camping or playing hide-and-seek in this gorgeous teepee. This teepee is only available in white and will blend nicely with any decor.

10. Think Fun Amaze

Think Fun Amaze
We all played maze games while growing up, whether it is in the newspapers, video games, or whatever. But, the Think Fun Amaze is a more elaborate version of it. It’s different than the ones most of us find in kids’ comic books. The idea here is to navigate through the maze with the included stylus while avoiding the dead ends and traps. There are 16 challenges and three difficulty levels. Overall, a great way for kids to have some quiet time.

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