Why Homes in Perth Australia is a Good Choice to Apply Unique DIY Home Designs

Australia is one of the best places to live on Earth. Whether you’re moving from Europe to Australia, or even just moving from Sydney to Sunshine Coast using Marks Removals Sydney – you can experience so much culture and beautiful weather pretty much anywhere you move to. Today, though, we will be focussing on Perth, one of the biggest cities in Australia. This is the multicultural melting pot of Australia. It’s just a couple of hours drive from the major attraction sites in Australia and has the most beautifully-furnished historical homes. Perth is very relaxed and unlike in the major busy cities, here you’ll find life very calm. In addition to this, all the important amenities are within reach, perfect for your future home.

If you are thinking about building your future home here, then perhaps you should think about a double brick wall. This is because it’s the most commonly used designs in Perth. Actually, Perth is the only state in Australia that still uses such a design. It will also be easier to include all your DIY designs in making your home unique and popular.

Here are some pointers for you, briefly explaining why homes in Perth, Australia are a good choice to apply unique DIY home designs.

Why double brick?

Before we get to it, it’s only fair if we define what it all means. These are homes built with two layers of masonry bricks. These are common in Perth and are readily available. Between these two layers, there’s a gap left out for insulation purposes. It’s a design that has been there for almost a century. This is why it will be a great idea to apply your unique DIY designs on this specific technique.

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It’s durable

Almost all the homes built more than five decades ago are still intact and have stood the tests of time. Double bricking is a reliable, durable and long lasting technique that will work well for the home design that you choose.


A double bricked home comes with a lot of benefits. This includes noise reduction from the external sources. The two layers of bricks provide the insulation needed in soundproofing your entire home and also gives your home better chances of surviving harsh and tough weather.

Energy efficient

The double bricks are considered to be heavyweight construction materials that help to increase your home’s energy efficiency in both the warmer and cooler seasons. This means that you’ll be able to save up on those costly utility bills. You’ll spend less on cooling and in heating your home.

Other alternatives

You may also want to consider using wood to build your home in Perth. It’s another building alternative that can give you almost similar benefits as those of using double bricks. You’ll require less concrete footings and it’s also quick to erect. In addition to this, timber also provides you with insulation and a great deal of heat retention. Above all, you’ll still get to enjoy superb design and aesthetics if you choose wood. Some other lightweight construction materials you can find in Perth for your home design include:

  • High-grade polystyrene
  • Brick veneer
  • Cladding
  • Insulating concrete forms

As you can see, there are a lot of materials you may need to choose from in building a home in Perth. But it all depends on preference and taste. With the best design in mind, you’ll also be able to include your DIY ideas in coming up with the perfect home. If you are stuck for home designs that you want, you can always check out some cape cod house plans if you want a timeless home design, the choice is up to you and your tastes.

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