Using Ride On Mowers on Sloping Land

Many customers have complained that ride-on mowers are not great on hills because they haven’t enough traction. This is true to some extent because residential ride-on mowers are designed to use on hills or slopes less than 15 degrees. This fact is mentioned in the manual of the lawn tractor. There are ride-on mowers that are specially designed to mow hills. These tractors are priced between $10,000 the cheapest and $50,000 for a high-end model. You need to invest in the right ride-on mower when you plan to mow on hills. This article provides information on using ride-on mowers on hills.

A slope will increase the risk of the ride-on mower tipping end-over-end or to the side. This can result in injuries or even death to the person who is riding on the machine. You should invest in a ride-on mower specifically designed for mowing on slopes and follow safe operating procedures to avoid injury.

A steep slope is more dangerous to manoeuvre compared to a gentle one. That’s why you need to judge the slope and have an idea of it before you decide to manoeuvre the machine. If you don’t feel comfortable manoeuvring the slope or the mower won’t back up the hill, you should avoid using the mower on it. Once you decide that the hill is within your comfort zone, you should check for other hazards on the slope. Uneven ground, holes, drop-offs, and ruts on the slope can increase the risk of the mower tipping. Make sure you clean the area and remove all rocks, branches, and other debris before riding on the mower. Check if the grass on the slope is dry or wet. If you ride the mower on wet grass, it may cause the tractor’s wheels to slip.

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There are many attachments to make grass cutting easier. A grass catcher or a mulcher is an attachment that could make mowing easier. But attachments can increase the risk of the lawn tractor tipping on the slope. These attachments will make the ride-on mower less stable than normal. You should never use attachments on a steep hill or slope. It can be dangerous to the machine as well as the rider. Some ride-on mowers have special weights to reduce the risk of tipping. You need to use a weight that is recommended for your ride-on mower.

When mowing on a slope, the direction you mow is important. If you are using a push mower on a slope, mowing it horizontally across the hill isn’t safe. You should mow up and down the slope when using a lawn tractor for the job. Driving the machine horizontally will increase the risk of tipping sideways. Don’t change the direction of the machine when using it on a slope. Drive the machine onto a flat area before you turn the machine around. You should move slowly and steadily when operating a ride-on mower on a hill.

The aforementioned article provides information on using a ride-on mower on slopes or hills.




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