Why are Flowers so Expensive?

Flowers are very delicate; thus, they need extra care from the seedtime to their harvesting. If you are a flower gardener, you know that growing flowers in your garden not only takes time but money also in every step. Without proper care and sufficient needed things, including fertilizer, pest controlling, pruning, etc. you cannot expect more flowers on your plants.

Doing these things, you need time and money. After that, you need to include the transportation cost to the base cost of flowers resulting in more price. All flowers are not equal in their prices. Besides, they do not grow all through the year. Lands of some countries are not plain as well. So, there requires more time and effort to grow flowers like Mexican flowers. So, in Mexico, home gardens are preferable to people. They use flowers on different occasions.

In a home flower garden, you need to invest more. You need many pieces of equipment and other necessary materials to grow flower plants in them. However, in this article, I would like to discuss why flowers are so pricey. There are many direct and indirect reasons behind the scene. Flower gardening requires workforce and money. If you want to have what you pay for, you have to spend more money for fresh and beautiful flowers.

Transport Cost

Selling flowers is considered as a global business. Flowers are sent to the country to country across the world. From the flower garden to the florist shop, you need to transport flowers carefully as they are delicate. So, you need more time, which equals more money.

You have to ship flowers rapidly to keep them fresh and sweet. Sometimes, flowers get crushed due to fast shipping if extra care has not been taken. These flowers become worthless and have no use. In this case, a massive amount of money is wasted.

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Flowers need refrigeration

As blossoms are delicate and do not tolerate heat, you have to make necessary arrangements for their cooling. Otherwise, your flowers may not last long. At least, these flowers should last for a week or more in the florist store. So, you need a good quality cooler for the refrigeration of flowers. In today’s market, if you go to purchase a good quality cooler, you have to spend a lot of money on it.

Your flowers will get dried if they are not kept in a cooler. Without a good cooler, you will end up damaging all your flowers. These flowers are of no use and will make big garbage.

Research and Development

Creating a new variation of flowers requires research. You have to invest a tremendous amount of money in the research and development of flowers. Improving flower’s growing techniques also is involved in this section. The more you grow flowers, the more benefit you can make.

Research and development of flowers also require colossal time to spend. People dedicate their whole lives to researching and developing the growth and varieties of flowers.

Flower’s size

Some festival requires big blossoms with big stems. When it comes to growing bigger size flowers than average, gardeners have to allow more time for them to grow. It means that you have to invest more time in the growth of these flowers. And, you know that time is money. Thus, the price of the more prominent blooms goes up.

Also, you have to fertilize time to time for the better growth of your flowers. You can use growth fertilizer to grow flowers fast. All these require money; thus, the price of flowers is high.

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Consider a florist shop a factory

Different occasion needs different designs and shapes. When special days come closer, workers and designers of a florist shop work hard from dawn to dusk. Besides, some clients order seeing the online design of flower bouquets. In this case, a florist needs to hire a designer resulting from spending more money.

A florist has to pay for the designs and hard work done by the workers of his shop. A good designer in the flower bouquet is expensive, and he has to hire the designer to satisfy his clients.

Increasing Demand for flowers

Not all year round, but there are specific days and months when the demand for flowers goes up. These special days including holidays, mother day, valentine’s day, etc. demand more flowers. What if there is a shortage of flowers? Flowers become pricey.

On those days, we tend to send flower bouquets to our loved one, which needs more money. Similarly, you can, by the help of online flower delivery system, send flowers world wide too. Just imagine, if you want to send flowers bouquets to another country yourself, how much will you spend?

Final Thought

Being luxury, flowers have a premium price and demand among people around the world. Taking extra care, maintaining their growth, fencing around the flower garden needs money. Time and patience are more important things to spend on flower gardening. Thus you can get edible flowers on plants resulting in being expensive.

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