Importance of Drones to Real Estate

These days you all know that the use of different gadgets for different operations has become a trend. Gadgets like drones are significantly used for doing aerial photography for weddings, real estate and making adventure and travel-related videos. Drones have revolutionized the way photography is done. Nowadays, most of the brochures of real estate are made through the pictures taken through drone and it helps in attracting customers towards the real estate companies. Also apart from photographs, videos are uploaded on the websites to give a bird’s eye view of the properties to the customers. Most of the real estate companies hire professional drone photographers to capture the images and make videos of the properties they are going to sell. In this article, you folks will get to know about the way drones are helping the real estate sector.

Why drones should be used for real estate?

There are many reasons for using drone photography as a marketing tool for real estate and some of the reasons are as follows-

Dramatic images

By using drones you can take the outstanding images of the properties and can create a dramatic brochure or video to attract customers towards properties. As drone combines GPS – programmed flight paths it can give a professional touch, which you can’t get from ground-based photography.

Creating virtual tours

A drone can take the images of the interiors of the house and can take you on the virtual tour of the home by going into every room and narrating the features of the room. Most of the drones these days have voice-over soundtrack, which translates the features into stories, full of information and history. Also, virtual tours are made as realistic as possible.

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Highlight property features

All the property features are beautifully portrayed with the help of drone high-quality videos and pictures are taken of swimming pools, backyard, and walking paths to easily look for the features of the property.

Generating new business

Most of the photos and videos were taken by drone for the marketing of properties shows prospective sellers that the real estate developers take advantage of every opportunity and use upgraded technology to make the property look awesome and to stand out. So the business of this kind of real estate developers grows fast concerning the other developers.

Helps in out-market the competition

Generally, it is seen that every business grows by introducing innovative technology the products and spending significantly on upgrading the products. Similarly in real estate markets too, the more you invest in new technologies and the more you bring innovation in marketing the property, the more prospects it will bring to the real estate developer.

Saving money

Yes, using drones real estate photography is less expensive. Using helicopters for taking the aerial photos of the property is expensive and not easy to arrange, also sometimes government permissions are required for allowing helicopters in a particular area. But it is not like that in drones which are easy to arrange, no licenses required and less expensive.

Professionals who use drone photography

Real estate photography is used by many agents from small scale operators to large scale operators, but there are some professionals, to whom drone photography is very beneficial and important.

Solo agents with high budget

Most of the solo agents can benefit from using drone photography in real estate and most of these agents hire professional drone photographers because these agents get a large portfolio and have high budgets and want to attract a large number of customers to their properties.

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Luxury agents and teams

Most of the houses, like the penthouses and bungalows, need a huge investment and these types of houses are sold to the high-class people so huge investment is required in building the property. Mostly, luxury agents use drones for doing photography in real estate. Also by using drones, they can brand their houses with the help of voice assistant, which tells about the features of the houses.


Most of the large brokerages use drone photography significantly and have the resources of handling the drone footage in the house or can hire a professional operator, photographer, and editor. Drone photography helps brokerages by elevating a listing by showcasing property from all angles and with cinematic touch in the video.

Tips on using the drone for real estate

Before using drones one needs to get aware about the basics of drone photography and understanding of the nuances of taking videos through a drone. Whether you are outsourcing the work or doing it by yourself it is wise to learn from some guidelines, which are as follows.

1. Hire a local drone professional

It is always good to hire someone or outsource the drone professional because you will get to learn many things from his professional experience. Professional drone photographer will take the photos differently than an amateur. Yes, you will have to pay a good amount but in the long run, it will be beneficial.

2. Buying the right camera

To take high-quality shots right camera is required with all the necessary features as the right drone camera will decide the prospects of that property. Getting the right camera is more important in shooting inside a home because light exposure matters as the camera are glided through the windowed rooms.

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3. Fly with the wind

This is the important feature to be kept in mind as most camera drones are quad copters and do not fly well in winds which are greater than 25 knots. It is always advantageous to use drone camera on a windless day for the shot. Even if it’s the windy atmosphere and you have to shoot then stick to flying the camera below the tree line.


From the above article, one could easily get aware about the reasons behind using the drone photography in real estate and also one will be able to use drones to its maximum ability by keeping some factors related to drone photography in mind, which In turn would improve the prospects of property.

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