Bed Frames You Can Build Yourself

When it comes to building a bed frame, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer plenitude of options – there are many different materials and styles from which to choose in the home improvement section of various stores. It’s a good thing, however, that these options have been dialed down to a handful of categories, which makes it a lot easier to conduct a search that doesn’t stretch into the hours before you settle on one for your DIY project. Just because you’re doing it yourself and saving money, doesn’t mean that your bed frame can’t compare nicely to the professionals – in both functionality and aesthetics.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular DIY bed frame style options that are out there; you will find that they are nicely suited to mattresses that are amenable to a wide range of sleeping preferences.

DIY Bed Frame for the Minimalist

If you prefer a clean, painless (construction-wise) project, then the platform-style bed frame is the one for you. Among its many benefits, this style doesn’t require a box spring – which means that the range of applicable mattress types is expanded. The bed frame itself is usually made of pinewood, which can be easily cut to fit at your local lumber store. Because pine is one of the easier woods with which to work, you can also use a standard electric drill.

You’ll find that memory foam mattresses work exceptionally well with pine wood bed frames cut in the so-called Patrician style. Because of its simplicity, any top mattress will do, however.

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Simplicity With the Pallet Bed and Efficiency With the Built-In Bed Frame

As a DIYer, you will find that wooden pallets are best when simplicity is the primary consideration. They already come pre-machined in a variety of sizes and can be easily shaved down further. This makes them easy to arrange into a number of bed frame styles. Most commonly, they come painted in white – but this can, of course, be altered as you see fit.

The built-in bed frame is a particular extension of the pallet. These are amenable to being used to “shape your bedroom”; that is to say, they shore up nooks and crannies very well and even be used to create enclosures for storage space. Think books underneath the bed using the pallets and/or built-in wood planks to shape a bookcase, or even cubicles that double as both clothes storage and mattress support.

This is clearly suited to smaller rooms in a home that needs to maximize space – but it also works for large rooms.

Let’s Get Elaborate: Luxe and Modern Bed Frame Options

Because the luxe bed frame is so refreshing and elaborate, you will have no problem finding many pictures of this one online or in DIY project magazines. In addition to being able to admire the possible variations of this style, the images will make it very easy to make sure that you construct your version correctly – there are many angles available as you care to search. For an added touch, you can go the upholstered route, as well. Even if you keep the bulk of the bed frame with wooden planks in a particular luxe style, you can add a touch of upholstered luxury to the headboard only.

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Similarly, the modern DIY bed frame will require a few tools fewer than the others; generally, it is considered a 3-tool DIY project, since most of it will come ready-made. Plywood and brackets form the bulk of the makeup, and plenty of pictures exist to complete this space-saving option. It provides a very clean look and, unlike so many other types of bed frames, can be easily constructed to suit the mattress you eventually place on top. You want the primary flat bed plank to be a single, unbroken piece, with the headboard and supports as separate pieces.

Wheeled and Hairpin Bed Frames

This is a rather mobile DIY bed frame project: the wheeled option. Generally-speaking, it suits the person who resides in a condo or loft and is amenable to easy moving because of the wheels underneath. You will find that Spring cleaning and random furniture rearrangements are much easier with this kind. Of course, for stability, you will want to put locks on the wheels – regardless of whether the floor is carpeted or wooden.

The hairpin DIY bed frame can perhaps also be classified as modern; but this is mostly because of its sleek and smooth appearance. It has actually been around for quite a while; despite this, it is among the more expensive of the bed frame types. The price comes mostly from the high-grade wood, but you can certainly shave this down a bit with some research and planning. Once completed, the frame will have a distinct mid-century look.

In conclusion, the above are just a handful of select bed frames from which to choose for a do-it-yourself project. It may be beneficial to make sure the types of mattresses you like go hand-in-hand with the frame type, which means you’ll need to visit your local mattress store to take an accounting of what’s available. You spend over 30% of your life sleeping – we think it’s worth the small investment of time in the beginning.

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