Four Tips For Creating A Home Yoga Studio

Over the last few years, many of us have been pretty ingenuitive with the space we have. Whether that be creating home bars, gyms or offices. And that trend is continuing as we head out of the pandemic.

The rise of yoga over the last few years has also been quite staggering, and many people are taking it up for all kinds of reasons.

Stress relief is naturally one of those, while those suffering from cocaine addiction or other forms of drug abuse are also being taught it in rehab to use as they move into recovery. 

But whatever your reason for taking up yoga, have you ever considered putting together your own studio?

It’s easier than ever before to do and there are plenty of tips out there to do so. So, without further ado, here are ours…

Designate a space

First and foremost you need to designate a space for yoga. It needs to be a space that you can imagine being calming and allows you to focus. 

Of course, in a home, options may be limited but if you can note down the key things you want from your space, then you can set about finding the perfect space to make that happen.

Choose colours carefully

It may be that you need to redecorate and you need to ensure you set up your home yoga studio with calming colours. The space needs to be one you can relax in, so neutral colours, blues and greens are ideal for this.

The colours chosen also need to complement each other. A clash is only going to create an atmosphere. And we don’t want that.

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Lighting needs to be calming

Following on a similar theme, the lighting needs to also be calming and the right tone. Anything too bright may cause headaches and fatigue, while the right, more warming temperature can create a space that will improve alertness as well as increase focus.

Consider a dimmer switch when setting up your room and you’ll be able to adjust the light to suit your mood and what you’re trying to achieve.

Add houseplants

Houseplants are great for purifying the air, as well as being visually calming and this is particularly important when practicing yoga. 

Ensure that they are suitable for your room and growing in that space. Consider the amount of natural light you have and pick plants accordingly, while if you’re not necessarily a green fingered person, pick some plants that don’t need much attention such as cacti and succulents. 

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