5 Tips for Viewing a Luxury Apartment in Dubai

Living in the lap of luxury can be pretty enticing if you live in Dubai. Being the “City of Gold,” this is a place where there is always a good reason to splurge.

Owning an upscale apartment here, therefore, should never be out of the question. With the high level of comfort, lifestyle, and prestige that luxury properties offer, investing in one can be a smart move.

There are several prestigious areas in Dubai, and if you want to live in or near the heart of the city, a luxury apartment is your best option. By staying in Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, or Dubai Marina, you will be close to your place of work or business, if you are an employee or entrepreneur here.

Moreover, you can be near the action since these areas are close to all the best restaurants, cafés and bars, high-end shops, malls, and other happening places in the city.

You will also enjoy the convenience of having easy access to supermarkets, pharmacies, fitness centres, and other places you have to visit frequently.

Limiting your choice of address to these three areas can help you reduce your options effectively. You will save time in finding a luxury apartment that is perfect for you.

Searching for the best real estate deals can further help you create a shortlist of choices effectively. When you browse through the websites or listings of property developers and realtors, you can eliminate the apartments that do not meet your budget, required floor space, number of bedrooms, and other criteria.

Best Luxury Apartment Viewing Tips and Tricks

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential properties, you need to take on another important step of purchasing a luxury apartment: viewing it.

Apartment viewings are the perfect opportunity for you to see your future home up close and inspect it. It is also the best time to ask the agent any questions you have about the property.

When done correctly, this process can help ensure you are investing in the right luxury apartment in Dubai.

To make sure you will go through the process of viewing luxury apartments correctly, follow these tips and steps:

1. Plan on viewing the apartment more than once.

Light is one of the biggest factors that can make a luxury apartment look comfy, posh, and appealing or drab, boring, and uncomfortable. To make sure you are buying an attractive home that you feel comfortable in, view the property more than once and at different times of the day.

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By visiting your shortlisted apartments at different times of the day, you will be able to evaluate the intensity of natural light in them. You can then have an idea about the type of ambience you can bask in within these flats.

Also, keep in mind that you can save money on electricity if the flat receives sufficient natural light daily. You won’t need to rely much on artificial lighting during the day.

Additionally, viewing an apartment at different times of the day allows you to get an idea about the traffic, noise levels, and other factors that can make living in this area inconvenient and uncomfortable, or the opposite.

2. Make sure you are content with the amount of floor and storage space.

Luxury apartments are distinguished by their extensive floor space. As such, you will likely be satisfied with the size of the flats you will view.

The difference, though, will come in the form of storage space. Some apartments will have more and bigger closets in the bedrooms. Not all flats are the same in terms of pantry and other kitchen storage solutions, either.

If you don’t want to invest so soon in renovating your flat or buying additional storage solutions, check the apartments you view if they have built-in closets in the bedrooms, drawers under staircases, and sufficient cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms.

3. Get into the details.

When viewing a property for sale in Dubai, try to avoid being shy. If you want to get the most out of your investment in a luxury apartment, make sure you are satisfied with everything that you will get from your new home.

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Check all the fixtures in the apartment. Make sure the windows and doors provide sufficient insulation and security.

If you are particular about the noise, ask the realtor if a sound insulation material was used in the construction of the flats.     

Take the time to check the faucets in the sink and showers as well. Ensure you are satisfied with the water pressure and the water coming out is clear and odour-free.

Lastly, start asking the realtor any questions you have about the apartment.

4. Scrutinise the building and common areas and amenities.

Although you will spend more time inside your flat than in other areas of the property, you will be sure to look at and use several amenities almost every day. If you want to feel happy every time you go home, you have to ensure you are satisfied with everything in and near the building or complex.

Whenever you visit the apartment, look at the façade of the building. Does it look new and well-maintained? Moreover, ask yourself if you are impressed by its architectural design and if it is something that you like seeing every day.

Inspect the other common areas and amenities as well. Do you find the lobby or reception area suitable to your taste? How many lifts are in the building and are you satisfied with their speed?

Lastly, visit the garden, pool, recreation centre, parking area, in-house gym, and other amenities inside and near the apartment building or complex. You will likely frequent these areas, especially the parking area if you own a car, so make sure you are satisfied with them.

5. Take in your surroundings.

Finally, once you have found the perfect apartment, go around the neighbourhood and figure out if you are happy with what you see and what is around you.

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Find out how many supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and gyms are near the apartment. Explore the routes you can take to and from your workplace, too.

Check what other entertainment and recreational areas are found nearby as well. If you love exploring nature, find out if there are any gardens and parks near your apartment.

You can also try talking to current tenants to know if they like living in the apartment and ask about how well the property is managed.

Viewing a luxury apartment calls for a bit of legwork and due diligence. To equip yourself with the crucial information you need to make a smart investment decision, start off your search by using a mortgage calculator: https://www.damacproperties.com/en/mortgage-calculator/. In the end, all your hard work will pay off since you will have a luxurious, comfy flat that you will love going home to every day. 

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