Tips to Prepare and Style Your Property for Sale

While preparing your home for sale, you need to take care of a lot of things. Property styling can help you figure out the best solutions and fetch the highest price for your property. 

The competition in the real estate market can be very high, so how can you make your property stand out on the block, attract more buyers, and sell at a higher price? Nearly 98% of agents believe in the trend of styling your properties. 

As styling your property plays a very important role in selling, you can engage a professional stylist like to take away the stress.

What Is Property Styling?

Property styling is spending time organizing, decluttering, and decorating your property in a way that can make it look fantastic and attract more buyers.

It is all about employing designs and presentation techniques to your home to make it an excellent visual presentation or a robust marketing tool. Furthermore, it can lead to a quicker and more lucrative sale.

Benefits of Home Styling

Here are some of the benefits of home styling:

  • Home styling can add over 2.5% to your property’s sale value. 
  • Property agents believe that it can influence the quicker sale and trigger multiple offers.

Tips for Property Styling To Help You Sell Your Home Faster

You can enlist a professional like to help you style your property as per the latest trends and styles. Here are some tips that can help you sell your property:

Create an Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing the visitors see. So ensure you make a great impression and encourage buyers to take a closer look. 

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Add a Fence

You should ask your professional property stylist in Australia to add a fence around your property. This can allow you to separate your home from the street and will have some added advantage. 

Know the Type of Potential Buyer

Ask your agent as to the types of potential buyers they will be marketing the property. Is it young singles, small families, or large families? This can make a huge difference in styling your home furniture and other decorative items. 

Style the Dining Area

Your dining area is one of the most significant areas you need to discuss with your agent. Real estate agents need ample space to display your property and marketing material, so less is more. 

Rather than complex table settings, you can enlist an agent who can help you set up chairs where people can comfortably eat. Light fitting, greenery, and some single bowl on the table can make it look good.

Decorate Bedroom Area

Your professional property stylist can help you arrange your bedroom like a pro, scatter cushions at the head of your bed, and place a textured throw at the foot of your bed. 

Renovate Your Bathroom

Think about your bathroom and toilets while styling your home. They should be clean and smell wonderful. 

Your professional property agent will suggest some incredible ideas such as limit styling to white towels, a fresh soap bar, and a scented candle to make your bathroom look nice. Empty bathroom vanities you don’t use daily and hide unnecessary items. 

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