5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Westchester County

Westchester County is generally reputed for its high end real estate, but you will find that there are actually several places to get top-shelf value for a much lower cost. Below, we’ll be looking at the top five most affordable residential locations in Westchester County. In compiling this list, we considered the average house sale and rental prices, median area income, walkability, quality of schools and crime rates. 

1. Yorktown

Yorktown has 12 residential neighborhoods and largely commercial districts. Apart from having a comfortable home, you can also look up commercial property for sale if you want to skim off its burgeoning commercial terrain. With a $120,000 average income per household, and relatively cheap rent at around $1,600 per month, you can rest assured of a perfect blend of affordability and convenience. Certain locations in Shrub Oak with a $112,000 average household income and homes are sold at less than half a million. 

Low crime rates and sufficient parking space make it a worthy choice for commercial enterprises. There’s also plenty of greenspace that gives it a naturally satisfying appeal. Likewise, there are top ranking New York schools like Yorktown Central and Oak’s Lakeland that tick off the community as educationally progressive. 

2. Hartsdale

Hartsdale is a Greenburgh hamlet and notably affordable, with its household income pegged at less than $90,000. Although the average sale price of homes is around $624,000, rents are generally less than $1,900. Crime rates in Hartsdale are minimal and way below the United States average, making it top choice for those who want a peaceful and secure vicinity. Property taxes are a bit high end, so this makes renting a home a better option if you are downsizing your budget.  

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Schools in Hartsdale have been ranked between A+ and B-. You can rest assured that your kids will be attending some of the best schools in Westchester County, especially with top ranking Edgemont and Woodland schools around. Hartsdale is also one of the most diverse places in Westchester County, with a teeming population of young professionals. 

3. Mount Kisco

Apart from it’s amazing scenery, Mount Kisco is a perfect choice for every foodie. It boasts fancy eateries with a variety of upscale menus. However, if you’re looking to get a property in Mount Kisco, what you will come to love about this place is its housing expenses. On the average, you will find house income at about $82,000. This makes the area a befitting choice for young couples and singles. The average rent is around $1,596 and you can buy a home property at $550,000. In addition, its landmass of three square miles makes the train station a short trek away for everyone. Mount Kisco scores high on diversity, and the schools are ranked between A+ and A-. There’s also a notable marginal growth in the socioeconomic conditions of the residents.

4. White Plains

If you’re a homeseeker looking to give up your suburban lifestyle, then you should try White Plains. Train ride from White Plains to Manhattan is short, and there’s plenty of businesses and retails in the same area. Since there are more luxury apartments than individual homes, the average price of homes is around $800,000. However, rent can be as low as $1,250 per month, and that’s difficult to come by anywhere else in Westchester. Despite the pricey apartments up for rent, cost of rent is pegged at $1,800 on the average. Upscale residences in White Plains typically include parking spaces in pricing, and this often justifies the high prices. 

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White Plains is a hub of young professionals and also greatly diverse.  There are well over 2,200 students which makes the schools densely populated, but this doesn’t affect the school rank, as they are placed between A+ and B+. 

5. Peekskill

Homes in Peekskill sell at an average of $334,000, following the price shift driven by the pandemic. But rents are still much reasonable, averaging at $1,400. Since the average income is around $55,000, living costs and housing prices in Peekskill aren’t outrageous. Consequently, young professionals and artists keep trooping into the area in great numbers. Largely because of this, Peekskill ranks as the most diverse on this list. 

A train from Peekskill is just one hour ride to Grand Central where you will be greeted with an amazing spectacle of good, local business and parks. It is Westchester’s fastest developing area. Schools here rank between A and C+, but there are fantastic picks for your kid’s schooling if you need one. The night life is full, serene and upbeat, and there’s easy walkability.  

There you have it: our top five picks for the most affordable residential areas in Westchester County. 

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