5 DIY Tips Organize Your Kitchen & Get More Space


Your kitchen is your sanctuary. It is where you spent a considerable amount of time in a day preparing meals and cooking for your family. But often that time arises when the kitchen ends up in a complete mess and there is basically no room to move about. We all have that phase. But it is completely normal. WIth only a few simple tips and diys you can completely change the appearance of your kitchen and even make it more spacious to work more comfortably.

It is very crucial to keep the kitchen neat and tidy for being able to cook efficiently. Organizing the kitchen counter is a trivia on its own. The idea is to maintain a neat kitchen but the question is, how to? It is all in the techniques you are using for organizing. Let’s have a look at some simple ideas with which you can keep your kitchen organized.

Hang Hooks Around The Kitchen To Hold Kitchen Items

This is an extremely useful way of keeping the kitchen top neat. We often see several large spoons, pots or pans and hand towels laying around the kitchen top making the place more crowded to work on. Stick up some hooks in the kitchen wall and hang these items to keep your work area clean.

2.Keep A Flatware To Organize Long Thin Tools

Flatware organizers are great for organizing tools like skewers, chopsticks, tableware, and other twist ties. These items usually just keep on moving about the kitchen making the area messier. It is ideal to stack them up in one place and flatware organizers are best for that.

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3.Keep a Magazine Holder in The Kitchen To Hold The Chopping Boards

This ia a tip to must use in every kitchen hold. We all know the trouble of the chopping board laying around here and there in the kitchen. It just never tend to have a definite place and just adds on to the number of things that keeps on blocking the work area. Try bringing in a magazine holder in the picture and just put your chopping boards in that. Trust me, it will be a space saver and make your kitchen top look more organized. You can check out the wild wood for more unique and beautiful chopping boards.

4.Reuse Corn Flour or Baking Powder Jars And Containers

These jars and containers are reusable and can fill it up with any other item like salt, pepper or flour once you’re finished with the previous contents it had. In that way, when you need a cup of flour or salt or sugar, you won’t have to take out the entire lage pack out. This will save both your time and space in the kitchen while working.

5.Keep Your Spice Jars in a Cake Pan

Do your spice jars keep on moving from one place to another in the kitchen? That’s a problem we all can relate to. One great way to keep all your spice jars in one place is by keeping them all in a cake pan. This will make your kitchen counter mch more organized and look good as well.


It is very important to keep a clean and organized kitchen to be able to work properly. You can reuse several everyday items to turn them into jars and containers to save space around the kitchen and keep your tools in one organized manner. These ideas will surely help you to maintain a tidy and organized kitchen top.

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