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Best Karaoke Machines for Kids


An age-appropriate and well-functional karaoke machine is the best birthday present for your lovely kids. As you know, how much kids like to sing and express everything lyrically through music. It is the best way to expose your kids to music so they could channel their hidden talents.

However, karaoke is fun even for kids who cannot sing really well. If you are thinking of buying a karaoke machine for your kids then, you should look for various features in it. You can look for features like microphone, all-in-one device, mp3 system, recording, speakers, sound controls, and various others. Speaker systems like these can be expensive depending on where you buy them from, but look out for discounts on speakers from sites that offer coupons and promo codes before signing up, because they help you save a lot!

It might be difficult for you to locate the best one for your kids out of various choices in the market. We made it easier for you as we have accumulated a list of the best karaoke machines for your kids. If there aren’t any machines that seem suitable on this list, or you’re looking for just microphone rather than the whole karaoke system, then you can check out Best For Mums guide too. The joy of watching your child sing their heart out will be priceless.

1.Little Pretender Karaoke Machine

Little Pretender Karaoke Machine
This karaoke machine arrives with a complete setup including two microphones and an adjustable stand. It is best suited for children under the age of seven. It has in-built speakers that produce sounds even of audience applause. Its flashing lights add stars to the dazzling performance. Its cord is really long that can be stretched out to 40 inches. Its bottom pedals activate dancing tunes in one go.

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  • Comes with two microphones
  • Music streaming via AUX cable
  • Inbuilt dancing tunes
  • Adjustable stand
  • Lightweight speakers


  • Only battery motorized
  • Unstable mic stand

2.Singing Machine SML385BTW

Singing Machine SML385BTW
It is a great choice for younger kids. It has inbuilt Bluetooth, microphone, disc player, disco lights, and various unique features. It arrives with twin microphone jacks, which makes it the best karaoke machine for your two kids. Its bright and attractive design is liked by kids the most.


  • Disco lighting effects
  • LED display
  • 2 microphone jacks with 1 microphone
  • Inbuilt speakers and audio control
  • Echo control


  • Fragile microphone
  • No display for lyrics
  • Average sound quality

3.MAONO PK-08 PA Karaoke Machine

MAONO PK-08 PA Karaoke Machine
It is the best karaoke machine in terms of portability. It has inbuilt woofer and Bluetooth. Its rechargeable batteries last up to three hours with non-stop playing of the music. Its speaker is quite large, which project decent sound. The best part about this karaoke machine is that it comes with two wireless mics. Kids can play their favorite tracks via AUX or USB port.


  • Great portability
  • In-built wireless mic
  • Charges devices
  • Mp3 devices and Bluetooth connectivity


  • No connectivity for screens
  • Recharging required
  • Low battery life

4.V-Tech Kidi Superstar

. V-Tech Kidi Superstar
This karaoke machine is unique than other karaoke machines on this list in terms of design. All of its functions are located on a disc-like pattern that is attached to its mic stand. You can play your own music on this karaoke machine. It comes with rhythmic games, voice changer, recorder, and disco lights. However, you cannot connect it to TV or external speakers.

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  • Inbuilt speakers and recorder
  • Inexpensive karaoke machine
  • Extendable mic stand
  • Disco lighting effects


  • No display for lyrics
  • Only one microphone
  • No speaker or TV connectivity

5.Hanmun Kids Electronic Karaoke Machine

Hanmun Kids Electronic Karaoke Machine
It is the most vibrant and attractive karaoke machine for kids. It comes with an adjustable stand that can be extended to 48 inches. It is really easy and simple to assemble this karaoke machine. Kids can play the music of their choice through a USB cable to plug-in devices like smartphones, mp3 devices, iPad, etc. It works on batteries and plays music with just a single tap.


  • Disco lighting effects
  • Music streaming via AUX/USB cable
  • Mic available
  • Adjustable mic stand


  • Only battery motorized
  • Average sound quality
  • Low battery life

Now, you can choose the best one for your kids from this list of best karaoke machines for kids. You can go for any of these karaoke machines based on the needs and requirements of your kids. No matter what, your kid is absolutely going to love it. Go for a karaoke machine without thinking much!

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