6 DIY Exterior Upgrades that Will Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a major factor when it comes to determining your home’s value and increasing its appeal on the market. If the exterior of your property is appealing and makes good first impression, the property will attract more buyers. Even renters, if you decide to rent out because, as Marina from Evolve points out – everyone loves a nice yard! While elaborate landscaping is one way of achieving curb appeal, there are plenty of minor DIY upgrades that you can make to your home’s exterior, as well.

These updates are quick, easy to do yourself, and cost-effective. Add these quick exterior upgrades to your list.

#1)Retouch Your Mailbox

A minor accent, but an important one. Your mailbox is likely the outermost part of your property, so it’s important to use it for a good impression. Add a fresh coat of point to bring it back to life, or consider adding some other touches, like wrapping it in Ivy. If your current mailbox isn’t worth saving, you can always buy mailboxes online and get one with a unique design.

Adding a floral base is also a nice way to add a touch of color to an otherwise monochromatic mailbox. Adding some climbing vines to the base of the mailbox is also a charming and quaint idea.

#2)Repaint Trim

Repainting your entire house is an expensive and time-consuming project, so refreshing your trim is a nice way to sidestep this major project. If you do repaint your trim, remember to keep doors and windows open to prevent them from getting stuck. This means the best times to do this are in the spring and fall, when weather is mild.

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Consider swapping out any brown, beige, or earth-toned trim for white trim. Not only does this give your home a newer look, but it brightens the space around it. White trim is a definite go-to in 2019.

#3)Decorate Your Front Porch

Never underestimate the power of décor. Some beautiful wicker furnishings accented with colorful throw pillows are an excellent addition to any front porch. Your entryway is perhaps the most prominent part of your home’s exterior, so decorating it properly is important.

Potted geraniums, a well-centered wreath, and a beautiful antique end table will really make your guests feel welcome as soon as they ring the doorbell. Oh, and don’t forget the welcome mat!

#4)Paint Your Front Door

If you don’t have the budget for brand new doors, repainting is definitely an option. Make sure to pick the right color, however. Research conducted by Zillow showed that black doors increased home value by more than $6000. They predicted that this was due to the connotation black has with security and safety, making homes with black doors especially appealing to families with children.

Red is also a color you can’t go wrong with. Its association with luck and health has made red a popular front door color since the 1950s. It will also be sure to make your entryway pop out.

Your front door’s color will depend on your home’s overall architectural style, however. Black doors work seamlessly with more modern homes, or traditional homes with a white/light gray exterior. However, traditional brown doors might still be the best choice for brick or cream colored homes.

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For wrought iron doors, just a fresh coat of polish is enough to make it look brand new.

#5)Purchase Planters

Gardening is a tedious and time-consuming project. While blossoming flowerbeds lining the walkway to your front door are beautiful, it takes a while to get them that way. Installing some permanent planters in front of your house allows you to eliminate the work of gardening, yet still reap the benefits.

Some beautiful potted lemon trees, succulents, or topiary bushes will add depth and color to your landscaping, while also allowing you to retain those beautiful plants year-round. The best part about planters is their mobile, so you can move them around if you want to change up the layout of your home’s exterior a bit.

#6)Rethink Your Lighting

Light fixtures are what will tie your home’s exterior décor together. Everyone wants their home to retain the warm glow at night that can only be achieved with the proper lighting. Warm, white string lights along your home’s roof trim or friezes are an easy and lovely touch.

If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, try LED lanterns. These bring a rustic look to even the most modern home, and can be placed along walkways or on fences. LED flame bulbs give them an even more realistic touch by giving them the illusion of actual candles.

No matter what lighting solution you choose for your home’s exterior, make sure to invest in at least two eye-catching fixtures to place on either side of your front door.

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