Teach Kids to Love Yarn with These Two Projects


If you’re a knitter or a crocheter then you surely know and value the benefits of a creative hobby. Working with yarn is relaxing, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time. Surely you want to be able to share your passion with your children or any other little ones in your life.

There are so many simple and engaging ways to introduce young ones to the possibilities of yarn. For starters, check out these great yarn projects for kids for some ideas of kinds of things to introduce youngsters to the world of crafting.

With luck, you’ll be able to pass along your passion for knitting and crocheting that will last for years to come. Read on to learn why it’s so important for kids to exercise their creativity and for two simple crafts to get them started in the world of yarn.

The Science Behind Creative Hobbies

Why does it matter if kids have creative hobbies? Studies show that people who are passionate about a hobby are more productive, more creative, and overall just happier humans.

Creative hobbies heck out these great yarn projects for kids allow us to build mastery, confidence, and develop a sense of control while also nurturing our sense of discovery. Encouraging independent hobbies and promoting a child’s desire to independently pursue a hobby of their choosing is an important step in building confidence and teaching initiative to young ones.

Yarn Cards

Once kids know how to create unique cards using yarn, they’ll be ready to impress all their friends and relatives with some of the most stylish handmade greeting cards around. This craft is best suited for children over the age of eight since it requires the use of a somewhat sharp threading needle.

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You can teach this craft by starting out with a simple heart pattern that works well with Valentine’s Day coming up. Yarn cards only require card stock, a large threading needle, pencil, scissors, and your choice of yarn. The final result is an artistic-looking heart made of crisscrossed yarn in any color. It’s tactile, highly visual, and the threading technique teaches kids how calming it can be to work with their hands.


Using a simple ring shape for structure, dreamcatchers made using yarn can really go in any direction according to the child’s wishes. Using yarn around the ring and across it, children will explore different techniques of winding their choice of yarn into the patterns they desire.

Really encourage the child to follow their creativity with this project. Dreamcatchers are meant to be unique so let the child explore the colorsand yarn textures that attract them. When they’re done, these dreamcatchers can be proudly displayed on the child’s bedroom walls to show them that yes, you should be proud of the things you make!

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