How to Make Your Roller Shades Fabulous

Designers, home decorators and everyone who ever tried buying a window treatment knows how much choice there is. It can be a bit troubling task to choose from such fabulous assortments. For example, displays many styles and types of shades. At the end of the day, you will be able to choose the one that suits you the most. But we think that making your roller shades fabulous is something that needs extra guidance and tips from professionals.

What’s so important about fabulous roller shades? Well, they are exceptional. They can scream your name and style. Personalized shades will give your house a certain look, and you will quickly fall in love with it.

Try to acquire an inside mount

Why inside mount? Because it gives the windows more modernized and modest look. It also alters the visuals and gives the window a smaller size.

Of course, the position of the mount depends on the window and the frame, but if you have a choice, go with an inside mount.

Try matching the colors

Shades come in different texture and colors. Colors depend on the whole design of the room and house. It’s easy to choose the color. There’s practically a guide to look up to, and no need to look too much, everything can be found in one place. You could also be able to find the shades that have matching cords, loops or rolling mechanism.

If you want your windows and decorations to look combined, intact and in harmony with each other, you should not settle with regular, different color control mechanisms. Such details matter!

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Waterfall roll is great for beautiful window solutions

You want to have a specific design and give your windows a less boring look? Then the Waterfall Roman shades are the best solution for you. Once you see how they look, you’ll understand why they are called the Waterfall shades. Layer by layer, they are applied to each other and create a perfect falling illusion.

Install darker solar shades

Dark solar shades allow the sunshine to come in the room, but not in an extremely annoying way. These shades add the tone to the room while allowing the natural sunlight to travel through it.

Such window treatments create a minimalistic and simple look to the room. They are easy to control and take care of. And once you lift them up, it’s hardly possible to see them because they are see-through.

You want to add the color to the room

Everyone knows how see-through fabric around the window can change the sunlight’s color. In this case, you should invest in lighter colored fabric and the one that’s a little bit see-through to see how it changes the color of the natural sunlight.

And while we are at it, choose the right amount of transparency. The level of transparency depends on the purpose of buying a window treatment. If you are planning to decorate the windows, see-through and thin shades will do, but if your plan is to secure the windows, go with the thicker ones or an extra lining.

Take this advice into account and see what you can do with your imagination. Choose wisely and see how you’ll like your windows’ new look.

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