Ways To Insulate Outdoor Faucets By Using Outdoor Faucet Cover

Summary: There are various ways to insulate the outdoor faucets. Using outdoor faucet cover might work out brilliantly in this regard.

In hash cold climates, water pipes get destroyed every single day. The best and proven way to minimize that damage from cold weather is by doing a little bit of winterizing, which actually means protecting the pipes from getting frozen and bursting in the end. Burst water pipes are serious issues and will cost you thousands of dollars to get them repaired. It will not just degrade the condition of the plumbing line, but will damage the interior and exterior walls of the house as well, where the pipe was located.

The good starting point is to start winterizing the outside faucets or the spigots. It is easier to do these days, especially when you got hands on outdoor faucet cover nowadays. These covers are great and will directly fit over spigots. The costing is also towards the lower scale and won’t cost you more than $10 to $20 if you get them from home improvement hardware stores. Some of these options are available online at discounted rates if you purchase them in bulk. 

After installing these covers, apart from performing some of the simple winterizing processes, you can prevent the faucets from busting due to freezing point.

Even the frost-free ones need protection:

The market houses some of the specialty spigots, which are noted to be freeze proof in nature. However, there is no such guarantee that these faucets will not freeze under cold weather conditions. These faucets are likely to get highly benefitted with the help of faucet covers, if installed in a proper manner. These freeze proof spigots will be your next step to avoid issues, but only if you have separate covers for them as well. Install these spigots before the winter season approaches.

Make sure to stop flow of water:

Before you add the cover on the faucet, make sure to stop water flow. Plumbing pipes can freeze easily when there is water inside. Start the process by shutting down the outdoor supply valve. This will help you to cut the water supply to outdoor faucets. For those options, which are heading south for winter, make sure to shut off main water supply valve to entire house. It will help you to be on the safer zones.

Make sure to disconnect hoses during fall seasons:

Before you use the faucet cover for the pipes, make sure to disconnect the hose in fall. This step is vital as connected hose holds water even when the faucet remains off. so, when the temperature finally drops, the water inside the pipe and hose will freeze and then burst. you can easily see some instances when the break takes place in winter season but people fail to notice it until the next spring arises, when they plan to turn the faucet on. 

Based on the area of break, you can get the water spraying either inside or out, when you turn the water source on. So, make sure to disconnect hose first and then put on the cover. 

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