Some Best Cleaning Service Providers Available in Singapore?

In Singapore various cleaning service providers are available and you can call cleaning professional for roof cleaning, house cleaning, odor removal, window cleaning, walls, and ceiling cleaning, appliance cleaning, gutters, and downspouts cleaning, home dry cleaning and laundry, tile and grout cleaning, etc. Cleaning Services in Singapore is not very costly and is affordable even for middle-class families. So, instead of wasting your weekends or holidays by cleaning your home it is better to call the cleaning service providers. Or if you have laundry and would like to visit your local laundry service you may want to use somewhere like to find one in your neighborhood. It is important to have the right service for you and your family. Make sure you get the right cleaning service, particularly if you only have one thing you need them to do. For example, if you are only interested in using them for cleaning your windows, then you could just hire a window cleaning company. If this is the case, then you should also make sure to check out this list of the best window cleaning supplies to make sure that they do know what they are doing. If you are interested in more general housekeeping, then obviously a window cleaning company is not the right fit for you. Either way, hiring someone to help you out will save you hours of time which you can spend on other essential things. It is true that in Singapore cleaning service providers or agency can provide you a complete solution to all your cleaning problems. The best thing with the cleaning service in Singapore is that you can book for it on phone or online by visiting the website of the cleaning service providers or agencies. No matter where you are in the world you can find help with cleaning all over! From Singapore cleaning services to Melbourne housekeepers, the possibilities are endless for the cleanliness of your home.

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In Singapore you can take up the following five cleaning service which will certainly take a huge load from your shoulder:

  • NTUC Domestic cleaning service: NTUC Domestic cleaning service is one of the best cleaning services available in Singapore. This cleaning service provider provides either regular or one-time session. The charge of NTUC domestic cleaning service depends on the size of your house as well as the time that you keep them engaged. However, if you call this service provider for one-time cleaning you have to pay a minimum of $126 to $220. You can call this service provider for various types of cleaning such vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, tidying the complete house, cleaning of windows and grilles, ironing the clothes, etc.
  • Helping cleaning agency: Helping cleaning agency is another best cleaning agency that you can find in Singapore. Apart from Singapore, it is also available in 10 other countries in the world. The best thing about this cleaning agency is that it has come up with an app with the help of which the customer can easily book for the cleaning service. Apart from booking you can also pay the payment of the service with this app. It charges $35 per hour for the cleaning service. But if you book this cleaning agency for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service then you just have to pay $20 per hour. Thus you can see that this cleaning agency is one of the cheapest service providers in the world but it has one condition that you have to book it for 3 months.
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  • Which Home Cleaning Service: Which Home Cleaning Service is another excellent name in the list of cleaning service providers in Singapore. This service provider is known for house cleaning, laundry, plumbing as well as electrical service. That means it provides all-round service and you can call it for any kind of service you want. If you call this cleaning service provider in for 1 hour it will charge $30 but if you call for weekly service then you have to pay $380 per month. But if you call it on Friday and weekend then you have to give $10 surcharge.
  • HelperGo Singapore: HelperGo Singapore is another excellent cleaning service in Singapore. Just like Helping cleaning agency, HelperGo Singapore also comes up with an app for its customer to book as well as pay the cost. It not only provides cleaning service but is known for laundry service, ironing, grocery as well as shopping, babysitting, cooking for the family, etc. If you want to get a deep cleaning service then you have to pay $20 per hour. This is how HelperGo Singapore comes up with a huge range of service for its customers.

  • Home Cleanz cleaning service: Last but not the least Home Cleanz cleaning service is one of the top cleaning service providers in Singapore. It also provides a wide range of cleaning services such as floor scrubbing, painting, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, marble polishing, air-con servicing, window cleaning, carpet shampooing, etc. With this variety of service, it gives a huge opportunity to its customers to avail its service for any kind of necessities. Its charges generally range from $160 to $1020 for regular cleaning but it is based on the size of the house and the time you engage them.
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