10 Easy DIY Project for Beginners


Easy DIY projects for beginners are less challenging, and they are quite useful. Through such projects, you can easily hone your crafting skills.

Below are 10 easy DIY projects that are suitable for beginners who are interested in coming up with a home service business:

1. Constructing a Set of Garage Shelves

Is your garage cluttered, and you want to ensure it is well-organized? You can construct DIY shelves to ensure the garage is not messed up. You can attach a frame to the wall and construct another matching one. Connect both frames using cleats. You can use plywood to line the shelves.

2. Construct a Picture Ledge

There is no need to place all your pictures on a bookshelf. You can construct a picture ledge using scrap wood, and it will house the photos you have in the house. The best thing about this project is that it is affordable.

3. Building a Fire Pit

If you are an outdoor person, you should look for ways to keep warm. There is no need to carry a blanket all the time. You can visit the local hardware store and get some wall blocks and other materials that can be used to create a fire pit. After the fire pit is fully constructed, you can start roasting your mushrooms while enjoying the company of close friends and family.

4. Create a Custom Mirror

You can turn your mirror into a statement piece easily. For instance, you can use some paint and tape to turn your mirror into an admirable piece. You will paint the corners using white paint. You will then cover them using tape after they are dry.

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For the remaining parts, you can use spray paint. Before you handle the painting process, make sure that you are conversant with different home improvement tips.

5. Ensure You Have a Hand-Painted Wallpaper

If you don’t have money for wallpaper, you can create a hand-painted wallpaper. It costs less, and you will complete it within a short period. You can use scrap wood to draw some vertical lines on the wall. You can then use two scrap wood pieces and glue them together to form a particular pattern. After handling the penciling process, you can use a thin brush to paint.

6. Homemade Whiteboards

If you love crafting, you can go ahead and make a homemade whiteboard. It will take less time, and fewer resources are needed. Homemade whiteboards can also be given as presents during the festive season. And your final product could come in handy for all those marketing plans you want to share with others.

7. Citrus Fruit Serving Trays

You can try out home DIY décor, and it does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can make the citrus fruit serving trays in less than an hour. After you’re done, you can place them on the patio and invite some of your close friends for a picnic. You can also invite them to assist with making the citrus fruit serving trays.

During the festive season, you can also try out some of these gift-giving ideas. The recipient will be amazed by the serving trays since they are appealing, and they will add to the aesthetic value of your home.

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8. Paper Chinese Money Plant

If you are looking for a simple craft, you can opt for the paper Chinese money plant. Regardless of what your home décor is made up of, the paper Chinese money plant will blend in. As a beginner, you won’t have a hard time coming up with this such an item.

The money plant is colorful and green, and your visitors will always compliment it. You can also make it in less than one hour. When looking for a holiday gift DIY idea, these handmade plants will suffice.

9. Home Vases

Some people have been hanging onto old jars for the longest time. There are different jar styles in the market, and you can turn them into home vases. The jars can also be used for different crafts. You can paint the lids and use them to store various items. Some tutorials are available, and they will guide you on how to use different types of paints to incorporate a personal message.

10. Floating Flower Wall

If you have even been tasked with handling the décor at a wedding, you may have come across a beautiful flower wall. You can agree that such décor should be incorporated at each event.

Platforms such as Pinterest help handle some of these DIY projects because of the endless ideas present on the platform. At your home, you can come up with a floating flower wall. It will add some aesthetic value to your home.

Bonus! Additional DIY projects suitable for beginners include:

1. Making a Wooden Serving Tray and Chopping Board

An attractive board is an excellent addition to your kitchen. You can dry-fit different parts and glue them together to make a wooden serving tray and chopping board. To scribe the arcs, you can use a steel ruler. In case you don’t have one, you can use a yardstick.

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You should use wood glue that is water-resistant. The board should also not be put into a dishwasher since it will fall apart within a short period.

2. Building a Wooden Bench

You can build a simple bench within a few hours regardless of whether you have any carpentry experience. You only need two boards and screws. You can also check out different tutorials to guide you on how to assemble the wooden bench while avoiding DIY injury. It is advisable to use treated-wood while assembling the bench.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, you will not be confident enough to handle different DIY projects. Fortunately, there are DIY projects that require little to no skill set. You have to adhere to the set guidelines, and you’ll end up coming up with a masterpiece.

Fortunately, some of the DIY projects listed above can also be used to make gifts that can be issued to loved ones during special occasions or the festive season.

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