How to Protect Your Home from the Weather

Most of us are quite aware of how disruptive extreme winters can be on our homes. However, what we often forget is that heavy rains, windy storms, and hot summers can also adversely affect the health of our homes. And yes, we hardly face heavy summers but that doesn’t mean being unprepared when that sneaky heatwave strikes! Protecting your home against extreme weather of all types is essential to ensuring its longevity. There are many techniques you can use to keep your home safe from harm in severe weather conditions. The right paints and chemicals provide effective protection against harmful UV rays, condensation, penetrating damp, mold and mildew. You can browse an extensive selection of these products on the Sovereign Chemicals website. Besides using these external applications, there are many other things you can do to suitably protect your home.ed

Protection against cold winters

While we enjoy building snowmen and playing in the snow outside, we all look for warmth and coziness inside the home. Hence, it is essential to protect your home from the freezing winters. Start with some precautionary checks before the cold hits. Insulate all your pipes and gutters to prevent them from freezing. It may also be worth knowing about the best ways to thaw frozen pipes from Action 1 Restoration, just in case you have to do this. It is best to know what you’re doing, especially if you want to protect your home this winter.

Get your roof inspected for broken and missing tiles as, when the weather becomes blustery, they can cause severe damage to your roof. Cracks in concrete get filled with water which when frozen in the winter widens and warp your concrete. Repair these cracks with proper patching compounds. Use ceiling fans to keep the warm air inside and reduce electricity bills too.

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Protection against heavy rains

Rain can wreak havoc on your home. So, make sure your house is waterproof and rain-ready before the onset of rain. Check your gutters with the help of someone like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Cincinnati, to make sure there are no blockages as this can spell disaster if you are hit with heavy rainfall. Repair any cracks or damage suffered over the winter. Inspect your home’s interior for signs of water damage on walls and ceilings. Get any mold or damp patches treated before the winter. Apply a fresh coat of water-resistant paint on the walls to prevent damp from infiltrating your home. Ensure the downspouts are pointing away from the home to avoid water filling the foundation or flooding the basement. If you notice that your basement has got damp and mold in then you may need to put out a dehumidifier to sort this. Take a look at the Letsremovemold advice on basement humidity if you want to learn more about dealing with this issue.

Protection against raging storms

The onset of winter often brings with it strong winds that can cause serious damage to your home. The roof is the most vulnerable to heavy winds. Ensure there are no broken tiles, leaning chimneys or debris remaining on the roof.

You can make all the windows and doors in your home draught-proof using sealants and draft excluders. Secure all your fences and posts, lock the garage doors and stow away flower pots and other vulnerable items safely in the shed. Park your car in the garage if possible to avoid damage from uprooted trees and falling branches.

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Protection against severe summers

Insulation is as important in summer as it is in winter. Beat the heat by insulating the attic, doors and windows of the home to keep the cold air generated by air conditioners and fans in. Also check your floors and walls for draughts and caulk wherever needed. UV rays can harm your walls, decking and garden too. Apply effective UV protective sealants on wooden decking and UV resistant paint on your exterior walls. Opting to surround your home with trees will shade it from the sun’s rays.

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