Design Tips that Will Add Comfort and Elegance to Your Bathroom

The most popular home remodels are the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is one focal point because we are in it so often, and we dream of it being the center of our families. The bathroom is a truly private space, and many renovations seek to turn it into a comfortable, convenient retreat. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve that objective.

Here are several design tips that will add comfort and elegance to your bathroom.

1. Follow the Trend Toward Larger Bathrooms

There are several variations of this trend. One trend is to expand the bathroom so that you have space to relax in a new, large tub and sit in a dedicated powder room when getting ready in the morning. Combining dressing areas with bathrooms may make the area usable for more than one person at a time, something some couples appreciate. You must be careful with this approach, since removing a bedroom or closet from a master bedroom will hurt the resale value of your home. Conversely, removing the full wall separating the bathroom and putting in a half-wall that allows someone with limited mobility to use the space is a plus.

Another variation of this trend is putting in larger versions of key infrastructure. Converting a tub to a walk-in shower makes it more attractive to those with limited mobility, while the large walk in area that functions as a steam room exudes an aura of luxury. This is a particularly good option for when you reach retirement and are looking to adapt your property including adding a stairlift to your home when your mobility makes it tricky to go up and down stairs. Replacing a basic tub with a whirlpool lets you have a relaxing indoor hot tub in your home that attracts nearly anyone, while it avoids the negative image of the walk-in tub for elderly adults. Just read whirlpool tub reviews before you install one so that you pick a model truly accessible and widely appreciated.

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2. Meet the Demand for More Storage Space

A common bathroom renovation is upgrading or expanding the storage space. Perhaps a new Anzzi shower design can make the bathroom a more practical space for all of its users. Installing new cabinets so that people can access towels from the shower or having plenty of room for makeup and personal appliances are a practical improvement that everyone appreciates. This doesn’t eliminate the value of putting in a second sink in a kids’ bathroom or master bath, but it will free up counter space.

If you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom, rely on shallower cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, or cabinets with toe space underneath. Look for little spaces you can turn into storage like the corner of a shower or the space above the toilet.

3. Look for Little Improvements that Solve Major Frustrations

While you’re making these renovations, add more power plugs for items like hairdryers, space heaters, and electric shavers. You’ll eliminate a major source of stress. Mount mirrors on medicine cabinets and walls to make it easy to check how you look. Don’t worry about the fine design elements if the space as a whole feels dark. In these cases, add more lights or improve the lighting with wall mounted steel lights. Mirrors on the right surfaces can reflect limited natural light and artificial light. If you’re chronically frustrated with that toilet, go ahead and replace it with one that flushes easily before you make the shower more beautiful.

4. Identify Little Changes that Dramatically Upgrade the Appearance

Instead of ripping out all of the title because it feels bland, boring and bad, install a few complementary accent tiles. You don’t have to replace all of the wallpaper in the bathroom. Consider applying layers of stick-on wallpaper on one wall to break up the monotony. Replace your existing old hardware from the faucets to the cabinetry handles. This could make the atmosphere of the room as much as a total makeover, while it requires a fraction of the time and money. Whether brushed bronze or sleek metal, the latest fancy hardware makes an existing room more posh.

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Putting in a more comfortable chair in your “powder room” could make the area much more inviting and relaxing. Setting a plush chair in the corner of your dressing room makes it a retreat from the world, as well.


It is possible to add comfort and elegance to a bathroom without spending a fortune. And there are a few upgrades from hot tubs to combined rooms that allow you to better enjoy the space you have without ripping out major walls and pouring more concrete.

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