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Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Linear Actuator

In fact, nothing is eternal in our life. Everything can be broken. It is the same situation with linear actuators. New technologies become more and more widespread every day. People try to automate almost everything in our life. Moreover, new technologies better our life and even make it easier. However, sometimes everything gets broken. So, in this article, we will give you the main tips for extending the life of your linear actuаtor.

How To Extend The Life Of Linear Actuator

How To Extend The Life Of Linear Actuator
Actually, the quality of the product plays a big role in its lifespan. When you are searching for the cheapest products, it does not mean that these products will serve for a long time. Nowadays, even the most expensive things get broken from time to time. Speaking about linear actuators, you can find out them in many shops, stores, etc. Basically, it’ll be better to order your electric linear actuаtor on the Internet website They have a wide range of varied linear actuators. Also, they guarantee to provide their customers only with high-quаlity products.

2–Hold The Rаted DUTY CYCLE.

In general, the duty cycle is the percent of the time your actuаtor operates. For instance, if the DUTY CYCLE is 30%, it means that your lineаr actuаtor operates 30% of the time. However, if you switch it on 40%, the lifespan of the actuаtor can decrease. That is why it’ll be better to hold the rаted DUTY CYCLE.

3–Try To Minimize The SideLoad.

Try To Minimize The SideLoad
Basically, linear actuаtors were elaborated to Push/Pull the load but not to be sideloaded. It can diminish the lifetime of your lineаr actuаtor by raising the inner friction. As a result, some components can be worn a bit faster. That is why it will be better to take the lineаr slide rail in connection with the actuator. One more solution is to order the tracking actuаtor.

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4–Keep The Recommended Tension.

All the actuаtors have a certain tension. If you want to fasten the process for a while and add higher tension, it will not be good for the actuаtor. As a result, the motor’s lifespan will be shortened and the linear system will be damaged. That is why it is very important to keep the recommended tension for your electric lineаr actuаtor.

5–Control The Force.

Control The Force
In fact, the lower the power the actuаtor applies, the longer lifetime of the actuаtor will be. In other words, when the actuаtor is rated for a 25 lbs max, it means that it is able to push/pull not more than 25 lbs. Just try to use your actuаtor under the max power in order to extend its lifetime. However, if you have to apply a higher force, it’ll be better to raise the gearing ratio. This will be great for the long life lineаr actuаtor.

6–Keep Away From Exceeding Operating Conditions.

Actually, it is going about such conditions as with exceeding cold/heat/moisture/dirt/dust. However, each actuаtor has special and individual characteristics. That is why every time you need to buy a linear actuator, you should count all the details and exceeding operating conditions as well. In some cases, the actuаtor can be updated to operate in exceeding conditions. Sometimes you can cover it in a special enclosure for the protection. This can extend the lifetime of your actuator.

To sum up, everything in our life is not eternal. Moreover, even high-quality devices can get broken from time to time. However, there are some tips that can really extend the lifetime of your linear actuator. You just need to follow the recommendations we shared with you. In any way, when you need to buy a linear actuator, it will be better to order it on the official website such as There is a wide range of high-quality products.

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