Skills You’ll Learn in HVAC School

The use of technology to control the purity of the air, temperature, and humidity is known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The professional term for it is HVAC in short. The purpose of HVAC in a home is to provide acceptable and comfortable indoor air quality for the occupants. This is also applied in offices and other areas where people live. There are many schools set up around the world to teach HVAC skills. You can visit website to learn more about this technology and where to attend the best HVAC schools for better skills.

For the people who want to be trained in HVAC, they need to know what kind of skills they need for the professional delivery of services in this industry. So, what are some of the skills one needs and can get at the HVAC school? This is a common question most people have.

Here are skills you will learn at an HVAC school:

Skills in HVAC systems

There are many HVAC products and systems that you need to learn about. Since you will need to maintain and troubleshoot such systems and products, you will learn skills about air conditionings systems, refrigeration equipment, and humidification and heating systems. There are also skills in duct systems, space heaters, and related systems. Since all these are used in heating, regulation of heat, and refrigeration, then you have to learn related skills so you can be a better technician or professional on HVAC systems.

Training on gas technicians 2 and 3

To know how to install and operate gas appliances, you will need to acquire the skills of gas technicians 2 and 3. With this kind of training, you will learn skills such as how to install and operate refrigerators, boilers, and so on. You will also be trained on cylinders, relief valves, venting practices, and gas meters. You will be trained at the level of G3 and later progress to the level of G2. With this training, you can compete for HVAC jobs.

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Basics of Electricity

This is another major skill you need to learn at the HVAC school. Here, you need to grasp skills on electrical systems and related concepts. Remember that most HVAC systems rely on electricity to function. As such, without the right training in electricity, it may be difficult for you to operate such systems. The training school will teach you things such as how to measure voltage and current, how to check the power supply of HVAC systems, and how to work with fuses, GFCIs, and breakers. With this training, it should be easy for you to install and troubleshoot HVAC systems. You will also be able to use HVAC equipment and systems using the right kind of safety precautions.

Refrigerant handling

Air conditioners and refrigerators use refrigerants. Some of these refrigerants are harmful and therefore one has to be taught how to handle them. HVAC schools teach about the different types of refrigerants and how to handle them. The effect of these refrigerants on the environment and the ozone layer is also taught. Since one needs the Ozone Depletion Prevention certificate, this kind of skill is very important for those who want to work in the HVAC industry.

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