Why Buy Zippers in Bulk?

Zippers are basically the last thing on one’s mind. So, in terms of buying zippers, you actually have 2 choices. You can buy by pieces from a local sewing supplier or you can consider buying zippers in bulk. If you are planning to buy zippers by bulk, below are some of the tips on how to do it:

Zipper’s Gauge

It basically refers to the teeth’s size. As the number of the gauge increases, the teeth’s size will follow suit. Other usual gauge sizes are #10, #8, #5, #3, and #2. A simple way to get a clue of gauge is to measure the zipper teeth’s width with zipper closed by millimeters.

Kind of Zipper

Determine the kind of zipper you are searching for. There are various kinds of zippers, nylon coil, plastic molded, luxury, and metal zippers. Once you’ve determined which kind of zippers you are purchasing for, you have to know the gauge.

Zipper’s Style

The style actually refers on how you like the zipper to function. The most common styles are separating bottom, which similar to jacket zippers and closed bottom zippers are same with pant closures.

Color of the Tape

When you’re referring to the tape, it is usually the fabric that zipper’s teeth are attached to. Other factories have a standard color book that you can select colors from and others can dye custom colors if you prefer something unique.

Long Chain or Length

When you are purchasing zippers in bulk, you’ll need to select if you wish to buy cut lengths or in a form of long chain. Typically, long chain forms are on a roll, normally in yards. The cut lengths are basically the actual lengths of the zippers required.

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Those are just some of the information you should know when planning to buy zippers in bulk. If you have decided to go bulk, you can buy zippers in bulk via this link!

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