A Guide to Designing Your Twitch Stream

Twitch is becoming increasingly popular among the gaming streamers thanks to its amazing policy and referrals through which gamers can earn a lot of money. And it’s not just the gamers that are making money. The platform is growing so much that even people who design the Twitch extensions are making money! If you’ve made one then you can market your extension by reaching out to sites like Streamer Tactics. All it takes is one big streamer to use it and your design will be seen by thousands. However, the most money is made by being an actual streamer. If you’re also intrigued by the concept of twitch streaming, then you should keep in mind that there are a lot of things you can do to optimize your stream for viewers. But first, you need something to stream off! There are plenty of devices you can use, but laptops may be your most favourable. The best value laptop reviews can be found on Laptoplex to help you get started with your Twitch journey.

We’ve made this guide to help you analyze and see what parts of your twitch stream you want to design. Designing your twitch stream designs is a good thing, here are different options you have when it comes to twitch designing.

  • Twitch Banners
  • Twitch Overlays
  • Twitch Panels
  • Twitch Alerts
  • Twitch Logo (a bonus)

Before we start the actual steps, we recommend you to use all the elements and design options which compliment each other and match in design.


Over is the main screen which is displayed to your twitch stream viewers when they visit your channel, so, this is one thing that you should spend most of your time on. While there are a lot of things people used to display on their twitch overlay, most of the popular streamers are going minimal and are displaying lesser design elements on their overlay to help the viewers focus on the main content.
You can add many things like webcam, latest updates etc. in your twitch stream overlay.

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Banner is displayed on the cover page of your twitch channel. Make sure to use all the related information and your channel name on your twitch banner. Use an excellent quality banner and display all the info like your affiliates, your games etc. on it.

Make sure to nail the banner game to make your channel look premium and worth subscribing to.
Video Player Banner

Video player banner is an offline image that you can use on your video player preview when you’re offline and not playing games on your twitch livestream.

Video player banner gives you the opportunity to display your name and other brand info to the visitors who visit your channel while you’re offline. The viewers will be able to read and remember the info of your channel.


When you’re creating your very own twitch panel, make sure that it is high quality, because twitch usually scales it down to make sure things go smoothly on the platform.

Twitch panel is an empty real estate that you can use to display thing like your social media links, affiliates, about, upcoming events and so on. Most of the channels also use donation links to get extra support for the channel. You can choose from a wide range of twitch panels and can 3ven made custom one for free on some popular sites.


Logo is one of the most important things if you want to stream across different platforms. A good logo stands put and can be easily remembered by the viewer.
You can get a logo created by a good designer, because it’ll be used for the years to come.

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