5 Features to Look for When Buying a New Cooker This Xmas

When Christmas time rolls around, one of the appliances that is sure to get the most use is your cooker. Before you make your large Christmas feast, it may be time to upgrade your current cooker to something more modern. There are many different cooker models available, so it’s best to know which features you’re most interested in before setting foot in a store. If you’re a UK-based catering business, you may also want to do a comparison on gas or electric suppliers. This way, you won’t be hit with a massive bill during the winter months! You could check out the prices on sites likes Utility Bidder .

1.Gas or electric

Gas or electric
You’ll need to decide if you prefer a gas or an electric cooker. Both models are highly functional and long-lasting. However, some people have a strong preference for one type over the other.

In general, gas cookers are more affordable to operate. Gas is cheaper than electricity, and for many buyers, this is reason enough to choose this type. Many bakers actually prefer a gas oven because they retain more moisture, resulting in a glossy texture and perfectly moist centre.

Electric cookers may cost more to operate, but they also provide more versatility and control. Temperatures are usually exact when using an electric cooker or oven. Fan-operated cookers help to circulate air more evenly, resulting in equally cooked food.

If you still can’t decide which is best for you, consider opting for a dual fuelled cooker. These models offer both the advantages of gas and electric, and you can easily switch between the two.

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Knowing how many people you tend to cook for should be considered. Cookers and ovens come in many different sizes. The capacity of the unit should be weighed before making a purchase.

A single oven is the right choice for small families or those who don’t cook very much at home. They also fit easier into tight spaces, which is why they’re so commonly found in more quaint kitchens. A double oven on the other hand is great if you regularly cook for several months or like to bake multiple dishes at once. Space is an issue however. Measure your space to make sure it can accommodate a double oven.

3.Built-in and freestanding

Built-in and freestanding
Many modern homes are fitted with a built-in cooker. This appliance looks as though it is part of the kitchen. It creates a streamlined appearance. However, since built-in cookers are integrated into the workstation, owners can’t take them if they ever decide to move. It can also cost more to repair the appliance, although you may be able to find an affordable appliance repair company near to you. Make sure you get your cooker repaired correctly, it could cause future problems if you don’t fix it sooner rather than later.

Freestanding cookers are possibly the most common. These units simply slide into place. If they need repair, it’s easy to do and often costs less since there is nothing to dismantle. There are many options available for freestanding cookers, and there is something for every budget.

4.Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
All cookers, no matter the type you choose, come with an energy efficiency rating. This rating is easy to read and understand. Cookers are rated alphabetically from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient, respectively. The higher the rating, the less it will cost to operate, and you will be doing your part to protect the environment.

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Of course, cookers with an A rating also come with a higher price tag. While you may be hesitant to spend the extra money for a better efficiency rating, you will end up saving money each money on your energy bills. Your investment will pay itself off in the long run.

5.Additional features

Additional features
Depending on how you use your cooker or your own skills, you may want to opt for some added features on your next cooker. Many of the newest cookers may feature a touchscreen or built-in cleaning system. Others link to smart devices, which is perfect if you want to look up a recipe in a hurry. Parents should consider cookers with added safety features, such as automatic shut-off.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to upgrade the cooker in your home. Not only will you put it to good use almost right away, but you may also find the cooker you want on a great discount.

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