Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Moving To Another State

Packing your entire life in boxes and hauling it across the state is an overwhelmingly challenging endeavor. The possibility of starting afresh in a new community, surrounded by new people, is always an exciting prospect. But leaving behind your loved ones, familiar routes, favorite hangout spots, and nostalgic memories can prove emotionally draining.

Coupled with the exhaustion and expense of relocating, planning a move to another state is no child’s play. It requires efficient planning and management skills to reduce your costs effectively and minimize the hassle. Either way, it’s wise to stay prepared for the worst so you can handle hiccups and glitches without losing your cool.

Let’s take a look at some strategies and considerations that will help you plan an efficient move.

Budgeting & Saving

Most families and professionals struggle with budgeting while relocating to a different state. Interstate moves accompany enormous costs and unexpected expenses; therefore, it’s crucial to start budgeting at the earliest. Make a comprehensive budget that accounts for all major and minor expenses, such as moving companies, insurance, and hotel costs.

Accounting for all potential expenses will also facilitate research. You can find affordable service providers, hotels, and insurance companies and save as much as possible. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your security deposit, as landlords usually take weeks to process refunds.

Don’t Carry your Clutter

Is your house cluttered with junk, unwanted furniture, broken appliances, and stuff dated back to your teen years? It’s natural for every individual to accumulate a sizable amount of clutter throughout their lifetimes. But, it’s also natural to declutter and avoid carrying junk around. So, use your interstate move as an opportunity to declutter your life and get rid of unwanted items.

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You may also hire storage services to cut down the headache. All you need to do is type storage near me on your favorite search engine, and you will have an abundance of options at your disposal, to unload the clutter. A temperature-controlled storage unit is an ideal choice to store all your precious yet unwanted items. If you’re relocating for 2-3 years, renting a storage unit is the most practical solution.

You can also hold a yard sale to sell off functional yet unwanted items to generate cash. You can put that money towards decorating your new home. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start decluttering!

Does your Employer Offer Coverage?

It’s crucial to check the financial coverage offered by your employer to facilitate the move. Most businesses provide relocation coverage to help their employees make a smooth transition to a new state. However, it’s best to put aside a sizable amount as the employer’s coverage will not extend to all your expenses.

Generally, employers offer financial coverage for shipping and packing services, transportation, and travel costs. Employers also provide coverage for travel costs associated with finding a new home. If you are relocating specifically for a promotion or new job, it’s best to negotiate the costs.

Sit down with the HR department to discuss all the costs covered by your employers. It’s crucial to ensure you obtain employer’s coverage for storage, temporary housing, realtor fees, and others.

Research, Referrals & More Research

You will find yourself hiring multiple service providers while organizing, planning, and executing your interstate move. Suppose you’re selling your current home and relocating to a new state. In that case, you will have to hire realtors, home inspectors, attorneys, and professional movers. Even if you’re moving from rental accommodation, you will need to hire professional movers.

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Hiring service providers requires close attention to quality and credibility. How can you connect with trustworthy professionals who do not constitute a security risk for your family or belongings? It’s crucial to perform rigorous research and seek out referrals from friends, families, and social groups.

Be sure to work with reliable and competent service providers with a flourishing clientele and strong community presence. You can explore multiple transportation options, such as self-storage containers, professional movers, and truck rentals. Be sure to estimate costs and feasibility, and make sure the service provider carries insurance.

Packing Belongings with Care

Out of all the exhausting errands and chores, packing all your belongings, fixtures, and furniture items are the hardest. This endeavor requires emotional and physical strength and an efficient approach that doesn’t overburden you. It’s essential to delegate responsibilities and make sure every family member is responsible for packing their belongings.

You can delegate and divide packing responsibilities and prevent last-minute hassles. It’s ideal to adopt a room-by-room packing approach, starting with the least-important rooms and ending with essential living spaces. It’s wise to pack brittle and breakable items, such as mirrors and ceramics, with extra care. Be sure to invest in high-quality card boxes and bubble wrap to prevent damages during transportation.

Labeling the boxes and listing their contents is another efficient strategy that will save time and effort. When you arrive at your new home, you won’t have to spend weeks figuring out what went in which box.


As you plan your interstate move and deal with all the endless and exhausting chores, don’t forget to de-stress and relax. An interstate move can overload your body and mind with stress and anxiety. Be sure to delegate responsibilities across family members and friends to avoid overburdening yourself. Making a detailed checklist of all the errands and chores will help you stay focused and ensure efficient management. Setting realistic deadlines and goals will also help you make a smooth and stress-free transition.

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