5 Exterior Home Upgrades Worth Your Time and Money

When it comes to houses, the first impression holds paramount significance. The exterior façade of your house and its functionality play a critical role in improving its curb appeal. As such, making appropriate changes to your home’s exterior can significantly boost your property’s resale value, offering an excellent return on investment. 

For instance, the median house price in Round Rock, TX, has gradually declined in 2023. In June 2023, the selling prices were 17.7% down compared to last year due to inflation and rising interest rates, cutting into the buyer’s budget. However, the housing market still favors prepared sellers, encouraging homeowners to undertake simple yet effective exterior upgrades like replacing the front door or windows. So, if you’re striving to land a lucrative deal on your property or simply plan to boost its value, these upgrades might prove worthwhile. 

Nonetheless, before you make changes to your home’s exterior, remember not all exterior upgrades are worth your time and money. Given this reason, below, we will explore the top five exterior improvements that will not only enhance the overall look of your house but also increase its value. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Cutting and Pruning Trees

Green landscape can instantly elevate your property’s curb appeal. But if your trees are overgrown or landscaping is unkempt, it will negatively impact your home’s curb appeal and make potential buyers pass by before even stepping into your house. 

Most importantly, if you live in a variable climatic region like Round Rock, TX, where summers are scorching and muggy, and winters are cold and windy, having overgrown, large trees with decaying or weak branches can pose significant safety hazards. So, one way to ensure the health and appearance of your trees is to look up tree service Round Rock TX, and hire experienced and certified professionals to handle your property’s tree-related issues like pruning, trimming, stump grinding, removal, and more.

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While most homeowners often neglect this critical home upgrade, having well-maintained trees can help leave a strong first impression, leading to a higher perceived value of your property. 

Replace the Front Door

Replacing your front door is an investment that is certainly worth your time and money. Also, depending on how old your house’s front door is, it may already be ripe for replacement. Remember, there are several benefits of making this house upgrade. Since it is the most important part of your home’s façade, having a presentable door or one that perfectly fits in with your house’s exterior and the neighborhood can significantly improve your home’s value by making it look way more beautiful from the curb. 

On top of that, if you plan to sell your house, the new door will create a lasting impression on buyers. Similarly, considering that your front door is the entryway into the house from the outside, replacing it with a new energy-efficient door, such as a fiberglass front door, will improve the curb appeal and help you save money on your utility bills. 

Upgrade Your Driveway

We all know that the driveway is that hard-surfaced area that leads to the parking area or garage of the home from the street. It’s available in various shapes and sizes, depending on the house’s available space and design. Thus, upgrading the driveway can be a worthwhile investment. When you have a well-maintained driveway, it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property than an unsightly or damaged driveway. 

Also, upgrading it will help improve its functionality, making it easier to maintain and use. For instance, you can widen the driveway or even add a turnaround area to make maneuvering large vehicles or parking them easier. Similarly, a smooth driveway is safer for vehicles or pedestrians to use. Investing in high-quality driveway materials like pavers or concrete can save you considerable amounts on repairs and maintenance over time, let alone leading to a lucrative selling price and a quicker sale. 

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Install New Windows

Properly taken care of and beautiful windows with appropriate insulation are a real asset for homeowners. It is another great investment that significantly improves your house’s curb appeal while keeping costs down. 

Similarly, when you replace outdated windows with new energy-efficient ones, it helps in preventing high utility costs. On top of that, updated window glass and frames can boost your home’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep the climate out. So, don’t forget to install new windows simultaneously when you replace the door. It is particularly true if you haven’t considered updating your windows in the last decade. 

However, before installing new windows, always refer to the government’s minimum energy-efficiency standards. Based on different climate zone, the standard may vary nationwide. 

Remodel Patio or Porch

A patio or porch is a covered structure that typically extends from the house’s entrance. It provides an outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation, or as a transition between the homes’ indoors and outdoors. Since they are located at the front, side, or back of the house, they are made of different materials like brick, wood, concrete, or stone. Given their functionality, they are used for various activities like reading, lounging, or entertaining guests. Hence, upgrading the area can significantly improve your house’s curb appeal, add value, and become a valuable investment. 

On top of everything, a well-designed and properly maintained porch increases the energy efficiency of a house by providing shade and decreasing your building’s heat absorption, let alone improving natural ventilation and light. While porches come in several contemporary designs and styles, you can go with the most popular styles like a screened-in porch, traditional front porch, back porch or patio, or even wrap-around porch. All in all, remodeling this area will provide a comfortable outdoor living space while improving the functional qualities and aesthetics of the house. You can host outdoor gatherings or relax after a hectic day. 

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Homes with improved curb appeal are more functional, comfortable and sell faster than homes with outdated aesthetics. However, before starting your house’s exterior renovation, remember that not all upgrades provide the best return on investment. So, to make an informed decision, consider the above-discussed home upgrades. Prioritize them and go with the ones that align with the overall appeal and style of your home and the neighborhood. Most of these upgrades are affordable and worth the time and money, and they’ll ensure your house sells at a much higher price, yielding a lucrative return on investment. 

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