Three Reasons Why Composite Decking Is The Perfect Choice For Your Garden

When you’re getting ready to commit to a home improvement, we all know that choosing the right materials is crucial. You’re going to be weighing up price, availability, durability, and, of course, whether it looks good in your home. Putting up a deck in your garden is one of those projects that is a little more complicated than you might think. On the one hand, it’s not exactly tearing out your entire bathroom and starting from scratch. On the other, this is going to be an area where you and your family spend a lot of time, and it’s going to be exposed to everything that the weather throws at it. 

For these reasons, it’s not a great idea to try and put a deck together using second-hand wooden planks that someone is giving away for free. If you’re serious about your deck, you need to think about using composite decking. Here are three reasons why.

Composite Decking Will Hold Up Against The Weather

Summer is on the way and we’d all like to believe that we’re heading towards a good few months of clear blue skies, sunshine and nice warm weather. What we know from experience, however, is that there will also be sudden thunderstorms and huge fluctuations in temperature, and that’s where composite decking really shines. It’s designed to be weather-resistant, both in terms of splintering or swelling and in maintaining its finish, so you won’t need to replace boards or repaint them.

Composite Decking Gives You Options

When you’re choosing materials for a project like this, you know that there’s going to be a certain amount of picking one thing you like over the other. You might like that finish, but you know it’s not going to hold up well. You might like the safety this material provides, but you wish it could look a little nicer. 

Well, composite decking takes the give and take out of the equation. Take Clarity low maintenance decking, for example, which, as the name suggests, has the low-maintenance advantages of a synthetic material, with a stylish grooved finish and five different colour options to choose from. Plus, it has a great anti-slip rating for those with little ones racing about on it! You can browse Clarity composite decking and other styles at Ecoscape, which also has an Inspiration section to get those ideas percolating.

Composite Decking Is An Environmentally Responsible Choice

We all know that with every home improvement project, we need to make sure that we’re being responsible. We need to think about how much waste we’re going to create, how much energy usage this project will come with, and where the materials we’re using came from. 

One of the biggest long-term advantages of using composite decking is that it is frequently made from recycled materials (Ecoscape’s Clarity boards, for example, are 95% recycled). With the statistics around plastic waste growing increasingly staggering, it’s important that we all take a little more responsibility, and using materials that have been made with our carbon footprint in mind is a small way to make a big difference.

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