The Ultimate Guide to A Perfect At-Home Spa Night with The Girls

Between work, everyday chores, errands, and kids, we are left with very little time that is truly ourselves to enjoy. And, if you also have to split that time between unwinding and spending time with friends, you quickly come to the realization that sleep is your only time to truly relax. 

Unless…you find a way to combine relaxation with time spent with the girls. How? With an at-home spa evening that everyone in the group will enjoy. 

Going to a fancy spa place can be expensive at times, and there is a chance that, instead of relaxing, you will be spending that time doing math and feeling guilty about the overpriced check. However, a spa night at home with the girls is affordable, relaxing, and makes for some great bonding time. 

The secret to a successful at-home spa evening is focusing on two keywords: comfort and relaxation. You can create that environment through food, drinks, décor, lots of relaxing scents, and spa-related activities. 

Don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Below is our ultimate guide to creating an at-home spa evening with the ladies where everyone will feel gorgeous, posh, and, above all, serene.

Impose a loungewear dress code

Like any reputable party, the host can impose a dress code to make sure everyone gets in the mood as soon as they arrive. And, because it is a spa evening and the keywords for this party are utter relaxation and glam, there’s nothing that screams these two words more than loungewear. 

The comfort-over-fashion era has officially begun after a year of spending time at home, making loungewear one of the most popular apparel categories. This is your chance to show off and enjoy the pieces you bought while staying at home. Ask everyone to bring the best pajamas and maybe even some fancy underwear to truly feel like goddesses. 

An at-home spa night can work perfectly for a bachelorette party as well, and you can even order matching loungewear for all the group, plus something fancier for the bride-to-be. There are lots of brands that exclusively sell loungewear sets in Canada, so you will have lots of options to choose from both when it comes to the bride and the bridesmaids. 

Plan a light and refreshing the menu

It’s harder to get tipsy at a spa retreat than when you are at home, and even these facilities have some sort of finger food to make sure all that prosecco is kept under control. If you want a successful spa evening with the girls, you need to think of a light, refreshing menu that is not difficult to prepare and matches everyone’s preferences. 

There are plenty of delicious ideas you can try out, including sandwiches, bruschetta, salads, crackers and homemade dips, and more. Here are some recipe ideas we like:

  • Cucumber sandwiches – all you need is some bread, homemade cream cheese dip to which you can add lots of spices and herbs, and cucumbers
  • Fruit and feta mixed salad – simply cut some feta cheese cubes and the fruits of your choice – our favorites are berries, watermelon, or cantaloupe – sprinkle some greens over everything, and add some nuts for the crunch
  • Fresh fruits with yogurt dip – this dish is pretty self-explanatory, as all you need are your favorite fruits and some yogurt dip.
  • Feta and spinach dip with crackers – there are dozens of feta cheese dips that you can try to make, so choose an option that suits everyone’s taste

Indulge in some delicious party drinks

Is there really a girl’s night without some delicious drinks to keep you fresh? For the non-alcoholic side of the evening, you can set up a simple water bar where the girls can enjoy some refreshing fruity water. You need some cool water, ice in the freezer, and sliced fruits. Think all sorts of berries, citrus fruits, cucumbers, and watermelon. Have plenty of glasses around, and don’t forget the cocktail decorating supplies if you want to go a little extra. 

Of course, spa time with the girls means cocktail time with the girls as well, so you need to go alcohol shopping ASAP. Figure out what everyone likes to drink and search for some easy, fruity cocktail recipes that you can make together. Think prosecco, gin, triple sec, vodka, rum, and a touch of bourbon. You can combine these spirit ingredients to create spa-approved cocktails that will spice up the evening. 

Create a relaxing environment

When you go to a real spa, you are instantly sent into a Zen mood because of the environment you find yourself in. Neutral colors, touches of green and blue, lots of plants and candles, dim lights, and relaxing scents in the air are all characteristics of a spa that you can bring to your home with ease. 

Before you go shopping for supplies, assess your home a bit and figure out exactly what you need. Match the mood of the evening by decorating the “spa rooms” with plants, lots of candles, essential oils, stones, and all things peaceful. 

What’s most important is that all the rooms that you will be using this evening are clean, fresh, and free of clutter, as to not disturb your Zen. Then, start decorating with the things we mentioned above. Make sure you use delicate scents, as to not trigger anyone’s allergies, and don’t forget the music. Try ambient chill music, lo-fi beats, nature sounds, or anything low-tempo to keep a laid-back vibe throughout the entire evening. 

Plan spa-related activities

We left this step for last because the type of activities that should be reserved for this evening depends on those present. There are dozens of spa activities that you can try together, including homemade face masks, infused foot soaks, DIY scrubs, hair masks, giving each other manicures, and massages.

Make sure you take everyone into consideration when planning these activities so that all girls present can enjoy them. If someone is allergic to something, it’s better to keep those ingredients away or tell them to be careful – the last thing you want is a premature ending to your at-home retreat because of that DIY almond body scrub that gave someone an ER-worthy allergy. 

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