How to Merge Indoor & Outdoor Living

If you think that your home is too small and you may need to move to a bigger house, you may wish to consider creating an outdoor living area instead, which can give you the space that you need. There are many ways in which you can do this and below are a few ideas that you can utilise and create your own unique outdoor living area and extend the space that you and your family have in your home.

Create An Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing better than cooking outdoors and it always seems to make the food taste better, but cooking on a BBQ or camp stove is sometimes no fun at all. One alternative to this is to create an outdoor kitchen area complete with appliances so that you can whip up all manner of culinary delights for you and your family. You can include a traditional BBQ as well as an oven and a grill which will mean that you can cook almost anything in your new outdoor kitchen.

An Outdoor Dining Area

As well as being able to cook outdoors you may also wish to consider creating an outdoor eating area which will allow you to enjoy alfresco dining. All you need is to have a patio or decking area and outdoor chairs and a table to create the space that you need, and do not forget lights as well. A dining area and kitchen go hand in hand, and you will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make in your lives with the extension of useable space in your home.

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Building A Backyard Bar

Another popular idea which people like to build in the back garden is a bar area that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests. If you have some fundamental DIY skills, you can create a bar yourself, add a few fridges and maybe even a beer tap, get some quality outdoor bar stools, and you are all set. You can add some mood lighting and even some speakers or a TV so that you can enjoy watching movies or sports in your new chill-out area or also listen to music. You now have the perfect area for entertaining so you may want to invite friends and family round to enjoy your new space with you.

Make It Personal

Ultimately, you will want to create a space which is suited to you and your family’s lifestyle and needs, whether you want one for quiet time and relaxation and get a comfortable outdoor egg chair, or for entertainment purposes and get an outdoor dining set. The added space will be an excellent addition to your family home.

By designing and building an area with beautiful and at the same time functional furniture you will regularly use, especially during good weather, you are extending the usable space of your home, as well as adding curb appeal. When you are designing your space, ensure that you incorporate features which will get used and try to avoid novelty features that may be expensive, and will hardly get used when the novelty wears off.

With some careful thinking and planning, you can turn your house into a home and avoid the need to having to move to a larger, more expensive property.

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