Simple Housekeeping Tips During the “Work From Home” Days

The recent COVID-19 spread has forced us all to re-calibrate our way of life as contact with things outside our home is increasingly risky while complete isolation is not desired either. On the other hand, housekeeping and cleaning still must be done regularly as our attempt to minimize the virus and bacteria inside our homes. Here are a few little things from MyJobQuote that you can do to keep your home clean and safe:

1. Shop Online

Housekeeping needs utilities, soaps, mops and other things. We highly suggest that you shop for all of these items online to minimize contact with the outside world. We can’t reiterate enough that the Corona Virus is spreading mainly through physical contact. Even the slightest touch or sneeze can make you the new host for the virus. With that said, online shopping is the safest option by far.

2. Sanitize Everything From Outside

It’s not only the dirty things that need to be cleaned, anything from the outside needs to be sanitized either by being sprayed with sanitizer or even washed again. This is to make sure that micro-organisms that dwell in the surface of the things we brought in won’t be alive to threaten our health.

3. Never Mix-Use Cleaners

Cleaners, especially liquids, should be used as they are intended to. Using them for things they aren’t made for can cause many risk or unforeseen dangers. Best case scenario, they aren’t effective, but worse case, the misuse can cause burns, corrosion, and even death. Should you find yourself low on soap or cleaners, we suggest to bubble-mix it (mixing the liquid with water) to make it a little bit more.

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4. Keep Yourself Clean

Don’t forget that after you go out of the house, you too can carry micro-organisms on your jacket or your shirt or even your skin. It will be better for you to bathe before you make contact with anything or anyone in the house.

5. Do not become a slob

Although it may be tempting to spend the next few months in your pyjamas, with taking away packets spread all over your bead, it is not good for you. Try to live a normal routine with your typical household chores, e.g. shower daily, changes your clothes every day, do your laundry, wash the dishes, and mop and vacuum the floor as normal. If you have animals in the house, make sure you keep them clean, and they do not make a mess throughout the house. Kids will also make plenty of cleaning work for you too. Perhaps teach them how to do some housekeeping!

Be aware and regularly clean parts of your house that often get physical contact from many people. Places such as:

  • Door Knob
  • Lamp switch
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Tv Remote
  • Toilet Seat

Making sure that your house is clean is simple but needs effective care to ensure you and your family won’t be infected from the inside.

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