The Best Video Ideas for Your Instagram Page

The Instagram game is somewhat new to avid social media users, yet it’s catching on as rapidly as bushfire. Everyone desires more and more attention to their Instagram page and hence yearn for more engaging content to put up there. So, it all boils down to adding that extra unique content to your Instagram page that would spice up the account and make it more popular. The answer to that question would be Instagram videos.

How do Videos boost your Insta game?

Current survey data shows that photos receive maximum engagement in Instagram pages, but videos are not far behind. In fact, the rising popularity of videos on Instagram suggests that the gap between images and video popularity is diminishing fast. With the increasing popularity of Instagram videos, it’s evident that the only way you can boost your insta game is by adding exciting videos to your page. It also helps you to show a different side of yourself or your business to the viewers, which is bound to grab their attention and make them look forward to more. Let’s learn about the unique video ideas and Instagram story templates that can boost your Instagram video game further.

Unique Instagram video Ideas that will get your viewers hooked

There are numerous Instagram story templates that one can use to make Insta-worthy videos for their page. Moreover, one can always use an online video maker to add more variety to your videos. Let us find out the best ways to do the same.

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1. Capture engaging moments using Boomerang

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Short, fascinating moments that have repeat value can be captured interestingly using the Boomerang tool on Instagram. It allows a short video spanning a few seconds to be played forward and backwards, continuously making it seem like a loop. Noteworthy moments such as victory jumps, signature steps or only expressions of excitement can be best captured and shared through a boomerang. It’s capable of making an instant connection with the viewers who will find it intriguing and probably might try to create their version of it. Boomerang is a fail-safe video option for you to capitalize on Instagram. Just make sure you capture something interesting and boomerang-worthy.

2. Flaunt your products using Stop motion videos

Any new product or highlights concerning your business or even your life can be emphasized on highly by using the stop-motion video option on Instagram. It’s a lot more interesting and exciting than canvas bags. A spectacular background along with an assembly of items is bound to appear far more appealing than a picture with an unordered list of the items. Your products can be flaunted in a newer and more intriguing way using the stop-motion video feature. I mean, if a canvas bag can do it, so can anything else

3. Make maximum use of teasers

In case you promote your content on other social media platforms such as YouTube and have to create content for the same, you can use the concept of teaser videos on Instagram effectively. Instagram teasers can be utilized for teasing the actual content and potentially push viewers onto viewing it. That is an efficient way of marketing longer videos using the shorter format on Instagram. Your Instagram followers will view your teasers and get an idea of what is to follow in the longer form of the video. Any substantial video regarding product launches, blogs, special performance etc. can be edited into a teaser for piquing the audience’s interest levels. It’s just like how it works for the movies.

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4. Leverage all tech powers at your disposal

Optimizing your video using the applicable technology available at your disposal is a mandatory task. No one desires a plain unedited video that doesn’t appear eye-catching. Every day, technology is advancing, and people have access to newer means of capturing lucrative videos through those means. For instance, drones have come into the video capturing act to a large extent helping us a bird’s eye video that adds the unique factor to the content. Now, if you can manage to capitalize on all the tech powers accessible to you to conjure up a super attractive video, then nobody is stopping your video from gaining maximum views. You can make use of the different tech aspects provided by numerous advertisement makers and deploy them as per your video requirement.

5. Collaborate and highlight others

Showing off your collaborations and supports on social media is always helpful for garnering attention. Using your Instagram videos to project your collaborations with other businesses you are associated with and companies you share mutual endeavours with can show a different side of your business to your audience. It will help you elevate yourself more than just your business. Also, it will give exposure to people who might be beloved to your audience.

6. The wonder of Time-lapse

Long videos which would usually be ignored on platforms like Instagram can be sped up and made interesting using the time-lapse feature on Instagram. Any processes such as creating something interesting, behind the scenes footage of campaigns or to-do tutorials can be made in time-lapse where the whole video will be played at a higher speed, thereby shrinking its length. Your audience will like the unique concept and view it with intrigue, and your content will also get across the platform in a fascinating manner.

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7. Use campaigns related to your business

This is where your unique and innovative ideas come into play. Relate your business campaigns with things or subjects your audience associates your business with. You can go through your latest marketing endeavours to list down that information. Try to create a video where associations can be showcased in a fun manner. For instance, you can associate the goal-saving quality of a top-flight goalkeeper with the best savings account policy of your bank and create a fun video with it. Audiences crave such associations, and it is bound to work up wonders for your Instagram popularity.

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