Tips on Washing Dishes and Buying the Right RV Dishwasher for Your Next Big Trip!

It is a rare person that enjoys washing dishes, especially when they begin to pile up after three meals. That is particularly true when it is time to wash dishes in your RV kitchen area. Everyone would rather be outside enjoying the outdoors, which is one of the reasons you choose RV travel in the first place, right? To reduce the time in front of the sink, here are a few tips:

First, make certain your detergent has a degreasing agent. Dawn is the top-selling dish soap for a reason, and with it, you can soak a sticky, greasy pan or pot for just a few minutes and then wash it out quickly with only a minimum of water needed. As a side note, you can heat your rinse water on the stove, so it is ready once you finish with the soapy dishwater.

Second, wash after each meal and get yourself a collapsible dish rack. This way, the dishes do not pile up, and there is no personal time wasted in drying them. Once they air dry, you can out away the dish rack on the same shelf, saving valuable counter space to prepare the next meal. Some racks can fold down to no more than an inch in height and cost around $12-$15 plus shipping.

Third, consider disposable options. That doesn’t mean using paper plates and plastic ware for every meal, but there are choices when the meal might be a quick sandwich before getting underway again. The paper placemats that restaurants use for kids are now available to individuals. Place them under a ham-and-cheese with BBQ chips to catch the crumbs, and you have an easy, disposable “dish” that requires no further effort.

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Finally, make certain you have a stainless steel under-mount sink in your kitchen area. There are other options of course, but stainless steel lasts far longer than other materials and resists food and cleaning agent stains. It also wipes down and rinses quickly so you can get back to your travels.

If that still sounds like too much effort, it may be time to sacrifice some storage or counter space and invest in a dishwasher designed for RV use. Prices can run from about $240 to over $500, and your usual repairman, whether that’s Oliver’s Appliance Repair or Nick’s Home Maintenance Services, will be able to fix it if anything goes wrong, just as they would a full-sized dishwasher. If your travel home has space and you would rather spend the money instead of the time, then this is a good option to explore. Just make sure to ask a few important questions before making a purchase.

Do you have enough storage or counter space? For a larger RV, this is not an issue unless you have an expansive stove top and an apartment-sized or larger refrigerator. Generally, most RVs can handle an under-counter dishwasher about 18″ wide or a counter-top model around 21″ by 21″. Either of these RV dishwashers can easily hold several place settings with accompanying glasses and utensils. If you are unsure about available space, have a local RV dealership take measurements for you.

Are you going to use it for pots and pans? If the answer is yes, then you might wind up having to run two loads after every meal, depending on what you cook. Try cooking what is called “One Pot” meals like chili and stew to reduce the number of big items. This question also ties in with the next one.

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Is water usage a concern? It should be. Not just coming in, but going out as well. If you add a dishwasher, then you empty your potable water and fill your gray water tank a lot faster than before. You have to pay more attention initially to prevent rupturing your holding tank.

Can your electrical system handle the new dishwasher? That isn’t usually a problem, but if you have already made upgrades to your other RV appliances like the microwave oven, then you need to have an expert on RV electrical systems make certain you have the right size generator (if you don’t have the right sized generator then it might be time to get another one – why not consider getting something like these low decibel portable generators) and won’t overload the breaker board before installation.

Choices like style and color all depend on the personal taste of the owner. The questions above apply to every RV and their owners. If you are ready to add a little more comfort to your travel home, start with them. You can take a look CampingMoz to get more tips for RV lifestyle.

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