3 Things We Should Learn from Climate Change

Climate change has been a hot button topic for decades as scientists come together and find new evidence of our impact on the world’s natural cycle. As we learn more about the world, there are some points that need to be focused on in order to understand the depth of the impact of climate change.

1. It Has an Impact on Human Health

Some people are reluctant to believe the negative impacts of climate change, but there is no denying the evidence showing how climate and weather affect the health of individuals throughout the world. The changes in climate that have taken place in the last few decades have increased the occurrence and severity of natural disasters like floods and droughts, contributed to airborne hazards spreading, and has caused pollen concentration and air pollution to rise.

Climate change has also had a direct effect on incidents of infections like dengue fever, meningitis, diarrhea, and malaria. Mitigating these negative effects is imperative to maintain the health of individuals worldwide.


2. Planet-Friendly Urban Planning is Essential

If you want to live in a city, you’ll need to be aware of your impact on the environment. Though cities account for only 2% of the entire planet, they produce over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. As the world continues its trend towards urban areas, it is essential to plan cities with the environment in mind. Urban planning with a focus on environment impact and eco-friendliness means focusing on efficient transportation, energy sources, infrastructure, and manufacturing materials.

Though you may not be able to build an entirely green office or home right away, you can start by switching from plastic bags to reusable bags for homes and businesses. We purchased our branded bags at customearthpromos.com, helping our business stay green and encouraging the same in customers.

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3. The Youth Can Change the World – Literally

As time goes on, children learn more about the world and form habits that will stick with them for a lifetime. While some behaviors are based on natural instinct, others are based on what the individual has learned throughout their life. Teaching the youth about climate change and the environmental impact of our actions can foster a sense of pride in the planet and lead to more individuals growing up and caring for the health of the planet.

Because these children will grow up to become leaders, they have the ability to change the world and transform the way we have grown accustomed to living. Children of today will be future policy advocates, concerned citizens, business owners, and community organizers, fostering change throughout the nation.

Climate change is serious and should not be ignored, as this world will be the one that future generations are raised on. The information that has surfaced about climate change shows the impact that our environment has on our health, how urban development should be planned appropriately to avoid further detrimental consequences, and the power of teaching the youth about their impact and how to preserve the Earth.

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