Office 365 Migration Service Done Right

It seems to be a simple, quick, and easy task to migrate Exchange to Office, but when it comes to doing it, it sometimes confuses the user, as it requires a lot more of patience. All it needs to do is the proper and systematic planning, as Office365 migration is almost the same as other migrations. It involves few steps; setting up prerequisites, getting it ready, and ultimately selecting and migrating the mailboxes.

Your mailboxes from other systems, for instance, G suits or simply Gmail, can be migrated to Office 365. The designated administrator in your organization can bring about the migration of the mailboxes Exchange server or any other email system, which is IMAP-enabled. This way, any organization can migrate multiple accounts. The users individually would be able to import their mailbox data to their recently
created Office 365 mailbox.

Before a kickstart, one should learn about its do’s and don’ts. Here we would discuss some issues that the organization might address.

1. Beware of corrupt system

The Exchange environment might have a corruptive system, and that can also follow the issues with stability. These problems are supposed to be checked and considered during the process of migration.

2. Double-check your network connection

It is quite a common problem that interrupts the process. Slow network connection may take a huge time to move your files during Exchange to Office 365 migration. However, you can also work on staging mail migration – In this, you can gradually sweep the copies of emails. You can migrate through initial sweep for about a few days or weeks and then follow the subsequent migration of mails. The final sweep migrates to the new/recent emails, and the mailbox is cutover.

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3. Security rules

There are associations where security is so braced down that a considerable lot of the default tools and methods from Microsoft to migrate to Office 365 must be changed to fit inside the security rules of the association. Still can’t seem to discover blockers, yet what could take 2 hours can take 2-3 days (if you are already aware of your activities in relation to security) to simply work inside the rules of some association’s security division.

4. Devices, Servers, and Firewall

A misconfigured boundary protection can easily make the Exchange Web Services, Autodiscover & SMTP traffic corrupted – therefore, that hybrid configuration wouldn’t be able you work as it might be damaged in some way.

5. Emails from the older versions

· The requirements of Office 365 vary with the system a user is using. Nowadays, for windows system, it is Outlook 2007 SP3 or higher, whereas, for Mac 2008 SP3, it is Entourage or higher. But when it comes to the old business process, that had been from 2003, so they would have dealt with Office 2003, as it cannot be upgraded, and there are certain ways to get them to Office 365.

There are a couple more things that one should consider; legal & compliance policies or the organizations with no proper administrative method. Meanwhile, once you are aware of any possibility of the above events to come across, jump to the next level – start processing!

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