Tell Tale Signs That Tree Roots are Blocking Your Drainage Pipes

There are many causes of a blocked drain, which is one of the dreaded issues that homeowners can be faced with. In this article, we will examine invasive tree roots and the tell-tale signs to make you aware that this is the reason for the blockage.

Invasive Tree Roots

Trees grow, of course, and that growth is not exclusive to above ground. As the tree roots spread underground, they can cause drainage pipes to collapse, which more often than not, results in a total blockage. Here are a few of the signs to look for regarding a drain blockage that point to the cause being invading tree roots.

  • Waste Water Draining Slower Than Usual – If you notice that waste water is draining slower than normal, this could be due to invasive tree roots. Whatever the cause, if you have blocked drains at home, you should call in a drainage clearing specialist, who can quickly identify the cause and carry out immediate repairs. There are many ways that they can make the repairs. Some are fairly easy to sort out, whilst others require a bit more hard work. For example, this type of repair might involve digging up your property to fix a drain, so make sure you are prepared for that.

  • Strange Gurgling Sounds Coming From the Drains – This is normally caused by a partial blockage, which forces the waste to be diverted and consequently it backs up and that causes the gurgling sound. Of course, the blockage could be caused by a foreign object in the system, but either way, calling in a drain clearing company is the best way to find out what is causing the blockage.
  • Accelerated Tree Growth – If a tree in your garden seems to be growing much better than usual, this could be due to waste that is leaking from the drains. If so, it is likely that this is the tree that the roots are compromising the drains. It might be wise at this point to talk to someone similar to green leaf tree service to find a solution to your tree root issues, I’ve heard from a friend that they are knowledgable in the area. If your drains are working fine, then the accelerated tree growth might be caused by a water leak, so check to see if your water bill is higher than normal. There are a few more signs of a drain clog, which might help to identify the cause.
  • Bad Odours – If you notice a bad smell in your garden, this might be due to tree roots that have caused the sewer pipes to crack and waste is seeping into the ground. This would normally be accompanied by other signs of a blockage, and the best way to deal with such an issue is to contact a drain cleaning specialist, as they would be able to identify the blockage and resolve the issue.
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The hardest part of unblocking a drain is actually finding out where the blockage is, and that’s why it is a good idea to use a specialist company, who would use CCTV technology to discover the cause and the location of the blockage. Using this technology, there is no need to dig up half the garden, as the CCTV camera can go down the drain and sends back images to the technician.

If you have blocked drains, an online search will help you locate a local drain unblocking firm, and they can quickly rectify the problem.

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