Top 5 Tools for DIY projects for home


When it comes to home decoration, house maintenance, or repair you need to decide whether you will Do It Yourself (DIY) or hire a contractor. If you go for DIY you can certainly save some money but for that, you must have well stock of tools that may become necessary for doing your work. However, you can easily get such tools at your local hardware store and it makes more sense to invest some money in buying the necessary tools rather than call the contractor for every small work. But the question is there are hundreds of tools that you may need to repair or maintain your house and it make people confused about which one to buy and which to skip. Hence, in this article, we have come up with the top five tools that become highly necessary for any kind of DIY project for your home.

List of top 5 tools for a DIY project for home

The following are some top tools that are highly essential for doing any kind of DIY project:

  • Drill: One of the most frequently used tools for home repairing and maintenance is the drilling machine. Hence, you should invest in a good cordless drill that comes up with power and multiple speed settings. But whenever you buy a drill it is always recommended to go for a compact and lightweight drill.

  • Impact wrench: Another most important tool is the impact wrench which is designed for delivering high torque output and it has minimum exertion. This tool is so essential that you will find it in the toolbox of all mechanics. You can use this tool to lose nuts from anything easily and Here are impact wrenches for home and you can choose anyone from them. You should choose the lightweight impact wrench and it should be more than 3.4 lbs.
  • Hammer: Nail and hammer are the most essential tools and the nail is of no use without any hammer. You should buy those hammers which have a claw in one end so that one end can be used to drive the nail and the other end can be used to pry the nail out. Hammer is used for various purposes such as breaking up a plaster wall or for banging frame lumber into some small pieces. If you need a hammer for household purposes it is recommended to use a 16-ounce hammer. There are many small repairing works at home which you can do it yourself without the need for any kind of assistance from experts if you have a hammer at your home.
  • Screwdrivers: Screwdrivers are yet another most essential tool that every household should have and you need them to hold your furniture together and connect the cabinet doors and lamps, etc. Hence whenever you need to fix anything you will need a screwdriver for removing the screws and also for putting them back again. In the market, you will get two basic types of screws – one with flat-head screws and the other with a small cross in the middle. You can also get a screwdriver set that comes up with a variety of sizes and types. The screwdriver set generally comes up with $10 to $15.
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  • Handsaw: The handsaw is a kind of toothed cutting blade that is attached to a handle. This is a very useful tool with the help of which you will be able to cut the wood quickly and it is much faster and simpler than that of the power saw. In the market you will get three types of handsaw – traditional western handsaw, Japanese pull saw, and Pruning saw. In the traditional western saw, there is a foot blade that is used to trap from base to tip. In the Japanese pull saw there is a straight blade with the help of which you can pull the nail back from the wood and in the pruning handsaw there is a narrow blade that is used to fold up for storage. When it comes to repairing jobs or scale building the handsaw can save a large amount of money.

These are some essential tools that every household should have for doing any kind of DIY project at home.

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