4 Types Of In-Ground Pools And How To Choose One

Are you ready to invest in a swimming pool for your home? If so, there is a lot of planning required. You may not realise the different inground pool types available on the market to you. In this article, we explore those types of inground pools and share top tips on choosing one.

The 4 Classifications of In-Ground Pools

The following is an analysis of the types of in-ground pools:

Concrete In-ground Pools

Concrete pools are the most common and popular types of inground pools. Their construction begins from a shell of steel filled in with reinforced concrete. Builders construct them with tiles or a coat of plaster. Pool owners prefer them for their durability and easy maintenance. While they have a high initial construction fee, their maintenance costs decrease in the long run compared to other pools.


Vinyl pools are the most affordable inground pools. Their installation begins with a shell of a plastic or metallic frame supported with panels. Installers construct the pool with a sand base and finish it with vinyl lining. They use coping to complete the pool’s top, giving the finishing a border for pool decking. Vinyl inground pools allow customisation in design and size. Their durability and maintenance depend on the quality of the vinyl liner.

    Fibreglass Inground Pools

These are ready-made shells manufactured following specified shapes and dimensions. A pool owner purchases a fibreglass pool as a single and complete unit. The installer excavates a hole at the pool’s chosen site and places the pool’s shell or unit into the hole using a crane.

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These pre-formed pools come in many models and allow quick and easy installation. Their smooth interior makes it hard for algae to cling onto. They can last up to 15 years and are among the cheapest pools in terms of ownership and maintenance.


Gunite is a concrete mixture made of sand, cement, and water. Making a gunite swimming pool requires the installation of a wooden frame set in an iron rebar. The next step involves pouring the gunite mixture into the frame. 

Installers use a special spray gun with compressed air to pour the gunite. Gunite pools are more durable and do not have seams like traditional concrete pools. Finishing it using tiles or pebbles gives the pool a high-end look.

Choosing The Best In-Ground Pool

An in-ground pool is an expensive project. It is a long-term upgrade that remains a permanent part of the yard or property. Proper research before breaking the ground for an inground pool is important.

The following are factors to consider when choosing the best in-ground pool:

Available Yard Space

The size of the yard determines the dimensions and design of a pool it can accommodate. It is wise to consider how much yard to set aside for the pool and the terrain. The space allocated also depends on other activities in the yard. An in-ground pool serves as a landscaping feature. Consider how it will blend in and enhance the yard’s appearance.


Installation and maintenance costs are crucial factors in choosing the right pool. The size and design of a pool dictate the costs involved. The budget considers the type of materials used. The costs increase if the owner wishes to add accessories such as heaters, chillers, and ultra-filters. An inground pool also needs long-term investment in maintenance and cleaning. Those expenses include the cost of water required to fill the pool.

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Intended Use

The intended purpose of the pool and the owner’s preference determine its dimensions. A need for a big pool arises when built for exercise- like a lap pool. It also supports entertainment for large, boisterous groups. A small plunge pool will do for casual dips and cocktail parties.

Final Thoughts

Pools need a large financial investment. Regardless of the type of inground pool, all pools need care to last long and give the best service. They also need cleaning and repairs to ensure the owners enjoy them for years.

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