How to Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Changing the air filters can be a simple and fast task to ensure your air conditioner is in a good state. When you change the filters in your house, you will lower the energy costs as well as decrease the growth of bacteria and mold in the system. It may be important to examine the filters after one month so that you can determine if you need to change them or not.

The following is how you may change the filters often.

1. Examine your air filters

Examining the air filters is something that you need to take seriously so that you may evaluate if they need a replacement or not. In case you do not know where to start, it would be thoughtful to ask help from an inspector. If it is expensive to hire an evaluator, ensure you ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to examine the filters on your behalf.

2. Make sure you put off your machine

Make sure you put off your machine
This is important because it will assist you to avoid the electric shock. With this, you will also permit the air to go through ductworks without filtering them. Disconnecting the equipment from power will help you to avoid losing the debris or filters, which you want to remove.

3. Get rid of old filters and replace them with new ones

old filters
Ensure you remove old filters gently to avoid damaging other parts of the air conditioner. When removing the old filters, ensure you note down the direction, which the filters are facing. This is important, especially if you have never done this before. For you to avoid forgetting, make sure you draw the direction. From there, you can remove the filters and put them in a dustbin.

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4. Note the right side of your filter

right side of your filter
Most of the time, the size of filters are written at the edge. When replacing the filters, ensure they are the same with the ones you bought to fit properly. If the size information is not indicated, you can use a ruler or tape measure to know the thickness, width, and height. It would be thoughtful to write down these dimensions so that you can find it simple when you purchase from the manufacturer’s store.

5. Purchase the air filters

Purchase the air filters
Air filters are cheap; hence, most people can afford. They go up to $13. It would be upon you to know the kind of filters you want to purchase. There are many stores, which you may purchase from. FilterBuy has a replacement for every brand. Hence, you will get good filters to purchase.

6. Insert your new filters

Replacing the air filters will need some skills because the installer may end up installing them incorrectly. If you choose to carry out the task on your own, make certain, they all point in the correct direction. This is because the filters are made to sieve air in one direction to avoid loading dirt.

7. Plug the air conditioner to find out if the filter is well installed

The essence of testing the machine it is to determine if the filters are well installed. Ensure you plug in the equipment and put on the power. Observe if the machine is working properly. If the filters are moving in the right direction, then it means you have successfully installed it.

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Regular change of air filters is important because some advantages accompany it. When you replace the old filters with new ones, you will increase the efficiency of your machine, prolong its lifespan, and decrease unwanted emissions as well as sounds. Therefore, it may be necessary to examine your equipment to evaluate whether the air filters need your attention. Consider the above ways, and you will succeed to replace the filters.

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