5 Mangalsutra Designs for Daily Wear

A mangalsutra is a testimony of the sacred bond that is shared between a man and a woman when they get tied into a holy bond of matrimony. When a man adorns his lady love with this black-beaded gold necklace, a promise for eternal love is shared between the two. In ancient times, these sacred black beads were sewed in a thread that was coloured yellow using turmeric. In the present times, a woman can choose from a vast variety available in mangalsutra. Where some designs are elaborate and lend an ethnic charm to the wearer, there are simplistic and modern patterns available too. If you are looking for some daily wear designs, well, going through this post may help you know what’s trending!

  1. Diamond pendant mangalsutra: When diamonds are used in jewellery, it can be considered one of the best and exquisite options. You can opt for dainty diamond pendants in sleek black beaded chains for an everyday look. These patterns will complement western as well as Indian avatars with equal élan. Make sure you choose a design that has firmer diamond settings so that the diamonds do not fall when you wear them on a regular basis.
  2. Mangalsutra with gemstones: The black beads entwined in gold chains and colourful gemstones together will lend feminine charm to you. You can either stick with single coloured gemstones or opt for multi-coloured options. If you like the sound of using gemstones then you might like haruni fine gems – rubies, sapphires and other beautiful gemstones. It’s definitely worth having a look to see which gems you like the most. You will probably be shocked by the wide variety of gems out there. Such classy and trendy gold mangalsutra design are ideal for daily wear and can be worn on special occasions too. Get a matching pair of earrings to wear it for parties or special occasions.
  3. Antique mangalsutra design: No matter how modern or westernised we become, most of us still find ourselves deeply rooted in our culture and tradition. When it comes to mangalsutra, a traditional pattern can never go out of style. However, if you are opting for an everyday wear option, then you may stick with smaller designs. The traditional pattern with gold and black beaded chain with a pendant in the centre is ideal for daily wear. If you are looking for an elaborate pattern in antique styles, you can go in for multiple chains and a gold pendant option too.
  4. Filigree mangalsutra design: One of the latest diamond mangalsutra designs is filigree mangalsutra. The intricate pattern offers a delicate feminine charm and is an ideal everyday wear option. Do not opt for flimsy or fragile patterns and stick with sturdier designs. These exquisite patterns look very chic and can be worn on a regular basis too.
  5. Gold and black beaded mangalsutra: If you are looking for a pattern or design in mangalsutra that you can comfortably wear on daily basis, well, you can opt for simple gold beads and black beaded mangalsutra designs. This pattern is not only fit for everyday wear, but it also complements both Indian and contemporary outfits.
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Mangalsutra is not only worn for aesthetic value but this piece of jewellery holds auspicious importance too. You can choose from many options in design, size, metal and stones and charm to your everyday look!

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