Which roofing material lasts the longest

In order to enhance the durability of the roof, extra precautions should be taken. First, you need to design the roof material used in the roof coating. Maintenance of the roof can be costly, so it should be professionally done so that you don’t need to touch it up from time to time. Strong roof covering insulation is very important to save the roof from hazards.

Environmental factors can cause a lot of damage to the roof as it is the most exposed part of the house and is in direct contact with the environment. Heavy rainfalls, snow falling, wind can damage the roof coverings, so the material used in the roof coating should be of good quality to enhance durability.

The materials used in the roofing will decide how long the roof will last. Shingles and wood shake lasts for 15 to 20years. Asphalt shingles last up to 10 to 30 years. Metal steel 50+ years. Slate 30+ years. Tile 30 + years. The average-sized roof life span is 20years if proper care and maintenance of the roof are done properly.

The roof’s durability according to this website depends on the climatic conditions of that specific area. For example, in some countries, environmental changes are very severe heavy rainfall and wind at that place the life of the roof is less than the average life of the roof.

Selection of roofing material:

The selection of the roofing material differ due to some factors like

  • Weather conditions of the area.
  • Design of the house
  • Routine maintenance
  • Quality of roofing products you choose.
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Tips that you should follow up before choosing a roofing material:

If you want your roofing material to last you longer, you should keep in mind the following qualities of the material.

  • Longevity:

The material’s longevity matters a lot if you don’t want to set it again and again. The house owners who don’t want to invest and the house projects frequently. A material having longevity of 10 to 15 years will be a perfect deal. Investing in good quality durable materials will provide you with a long-term hassle-free life.

  • Cost:

When choosing a good quality durable material, never settle for cheap materials. They might cost you less, but they are not good quality materials. You need to fix them, again and again, it will be tiring for you and will cost you a lot. Always invest in good quality materials with the consultation of a professional if you want your roof to last you for maximum time.

  • Roofing materials and their durability:

The life expectancy of the different roof materials varies. The longest roofing material experienced yet is the slate. Its average life span is about 150 years. The life span of clay and concrete is about 100 years. If you want your roof to last more than 100 years, you should incorporate slate in it.

The roofing materials clay, concrete, slate are very durable, but they are very costly. In addition, the weight of these materials could be high, ultimately enhancing the construction cost. You may also not find many color varieties in clay and slate.

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Here are some alternative material options available in the market that provides high durability at reasonable rates.

Asphalt shingles: It is a very good quality roofing material that provides a life expectancy of about 50 years. In the Middle West, most houses are constructed with these materials. In addition, these materials are not very costly.

Architectural asphalt: These asphalts are used in the buildings or the architecture of hoses. You can design these materials according to the aesthetics of your house. These high-quality materials have a life expectancy of 30 plus years.

Wood shingles and shakes: Wood provides you with high-quality maintenance. These materials last you about 30 years.

Metal roofing: Metal is a high-quality material that lasts about 40 to 80years.

Here is a brief description of the different roofing materials and their life span. You can look at these details and choose the best material that is not heavy on your pocket and lasts you the maximum years.


From the above discussion, you can see a wide range of materials available in the market according to their life expectancy. We have discussed the materials from high price to low price. It is always recommended to consult the roofers; you can address all your concerns about the roofing materials and suggest the best possible material for your roof.

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