Essential tips to Decorate the Hallways and Corridors

Not many people think of decorating the hallways. We do not really know the reason behind this negligence, but decorating corridors and hallways will spruce up the look of your home while adding value to it. If you feel that decorating your house requires money only, then you need to correct your views. It does not always require money; the only thing required is some time and ideas. 

One good décor idea can entirely change the look of your house. However, for the hallways, you need a new approach that needs to be quite different from the rest of the house. The best part about decorating the hallways is the flexibility. 

You can do various creative things here without thinking about the décor of the rest of the house. Add the stone backsplash peel and stick wallpaper or rugs to the floors, and some luxurious/ industrious chandeliers too. 

Add the rugs

Most of us have narrow corridors, so the best way to decorate the floors for narrow corridors is with a rug. Preferably a long rug. If that corridor is the entrance hallway, consider some executive-style rugs, giving a more welcoming look. For a corridor that leads to the bedroom, a flowery rug will do the job. 

The lighting

Lighting up the corridor with bright lights will look odd. Keep it dim yet stylish. For example, the lampshades and design for the hallway need to be very stylish. If you opt for a chandelier, then do not forget to have the best designs too. To make it more appealing, try having dimmable lights. 

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The floor

The floor should be easy to clean as many people will walk over it every day, and several times a day. You can have the backsplash tiles; they are not easy to clean and removable to change the look of the corridor whenever you want. 


The wooden shelves will not only provide storage to the house but also a place to add the decoration pieces. If you have a long corridor, then a large book rack will be fine, but for a smaller hallway, a few shelves are enough. 

The foyer tables

Foyer tables are not only important to have a place to keep all the outdoor accessories. Furthermore, these tables are necessary to spruce up the look of the room. Always purchase a foyer table with storage and with an attractive design. 

End tables

These are not for storage but for decoration. If you feel that there is some extra space left in the hallways, then end tables can help. They will cover up the space. 

The indoor plants

To give a fresh impression the indoor plants will be the best option. It can be the best décor for hallways, particularly for those who can treat their plants as pets. However, a few indoor plants do not need much attention; you only need to water them once a week, so they can be a good pick.

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