Not Enough Space? 5 Tips for Fitting More Stuff in to Your Apartment!


Want to make a smaller room not just look, but actually feel bigger? Look no further, we’ve compiled some of the most effective tweaks you can make to your apartment that will make it look both spacious and functional at the same time.

Let there be light. Have you noticed that darker rooms feel smaller? That’s because the entirety of the room is not illuminated, making it look smaller than it actually is. Try using vibrant colours like daring yellow or sky blue combined with bright lighting to achieve an atmospheric space that feels cheerful and free.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Any small condominium you’ll see today will have those big wall mirrors and for good reason. Strategically placing a mirror across from a good light source like a chandelier or a window will create a depth that will make your apartment appear twice as big.

Folding stuff. Folding ironing boards might not be hot right now, but you can still borrow the principle to squeeze extra space for your apartment. Foldable chairs, table, hidden storage behind artwork, and footboard drawers are just some of the best ways to store stuff and tuck them away easily. Out of sight. Out of mind.

Choose multi-functional items. Prefer furniture that can do multiple functions. A Murphy bed or a coffee table that can be used as a desk are just two great options that will help you fit more stuff in your apartment.

Seeing ceilings. Did you know that you can create an illusion of taller ceilings when you paint it black? Yup, dark grey and navy work as well, suggesting height while making your shot-length ceiling feel like a twelve-foot penthouse.

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Moving for effect. This one is a little counter-intuitive but stay with us: If you move furniture a little bit away from the walls it can create a feeling of spaciousness. A sofa and chairs backed-up against walls can feel confining while adding a bit of wiggle room gives the appearance of a bigger space. Your living room will look larger, while your furniture won’t be left suffocated.

Free the windows. An overcrowding room with excess stuff is a no-no. What more covering a window to put even more stuff to fit? Absolutely barbaric.

A blocked window can quickly make things looks smaller and cramped, plus the lack of light will give the room a gloomy feeling. Avoid squishing lots of furniture pieces a single room, instead, add only a few solid pieces that allow for showcasing of natural light.

Bedroom hacks. Parent’s bedroom is quite easy to declutter, a teenager, a bit harder. But children’s bedroom? Might as well give up.

Toys, clothes, art stuff, more toys. A kid’s especially in a small apartment can easily fill up, so you need to work on the bigger stuff like the kid’s beds. If you have more than one child, using a bunk bed can work wonders. See kids beds at Domayne to see options and get an idea how to integrate a bunk bed to a small apartment. Even if you’re not planning on another kid soon you can turn the top bunk as storage space.

End Note

That’s just some of the top space-saving tips you can try applying this week. We hope it makes your space less suffocating and a lot more freeing. Best of luck!

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