Top Signs Your Shower Head Needs A Professional Cleaning

Showerheads are often neglected when it comes to deep cleaning and home maintenance. The luxurious feeling when the powerful stream of water touches your body goes amiss when your shower head is clogged. Showerheads are susceptible to build-ups and clogging, and if you are wondering how to clean a showerhead, here you will get your answer. 

The most convenient way to clean your shower head is by hiring a professional cleaning service. With their expertise and appropriate tools, these experts will improve the spray of water and protect your family’s health. 

Professional cleaners have the experience to give a thorough cleaning to your shower head without damaging any internal components. So, while you take care of your household chores, leave the shower head cleaning to them. They will restore your showerhead to a new condition without having to replace it, saving you time and money. 

There are several signs your shower head will show when it needs cleaning or repair. If you notice any of the below alarming signs, it is time to make the right choice and call experienced professionals to tackle them. 

1. Changes in the Water Pressure

Showerheads provide a perfect amount of water; however, you may feel a sudden change in water pressure. You can tackle some minor issues on your own, but if it’s a major clog or any broken parts, it is advisable to leave this job to a professional.  

A water pressure problem requires a professional approach to resolve your issue successfully. These experts can identify and fix problems to provide all kinds of shower head cleaning and repairs, making your shower work like new. 

2. Constant Drips and Leaks

An obvious sign of getting your showerhead cleaned professionally is if it’s leaking or dripping. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will result in wastage of large quantities of water and raise your water bills. 

A shower head that drips when turned off may need one or more components to fix it or may require deep cleaning. Leakages and water dripping can be quite annoying, and calling a professional service makes perfect sense instead of paying hefty bills and wasting water every day. 

3. Sudden Water Temperature Fluctuations

Another sign when your shower needs an immediate fix is when your shower does not maintain a proper hot water flow. While enjoying a warm shower, you may feel that the water is not as warm as it should be, and if there is no issue with the heating device, it is time you get your shower fixed. For a sumptuous bath, your shower head must provide you water at the desired temperature every single time. 

4. Mold Infestation

The presence of mold and bacteria on your shower head is a common issue. As bathrooms are usually wet, warm, and humid, the showerheads can become susceptible to developing mold and bacteria. Bathing with such showerheads can have damaging effects on your health as it can cause allergies and rashes. 

If you don’t knowhow to clean a showerhead, getting rid of black mold can be a tough job. It is also better to avoid cleaning it yourself as you might do more damage to the shower, which may ultimately need a replacement. Hiring a professional service will help you get rid of these issues and save you valuable time and money. 

5. Sediments Build-up

A build-up on your shower head will require proper cleaning. If you are stuck up with your chores and wondering how to clean a showerhead, contact a professional service to clean up your shower. 

Some places have hard water with a higher mineral count, causing deposits to block your shower head’s openings. White or grey layers form inside the showerhead, which prevents the showerhead from providing a smooth water flow. Regular maintenance of the showerhead by professionals will prevent the build-up of sediments and make your shower last longer. 

6. Discolored Shower Water

If you notice any change in the water color, it is a sign your shower head needs cleaning. The discoloration of water can be due to rusted or corroded pipes connected to the shower. To fix this issue, it is best to call a professional service that will take appropriate steps to ensure the water from your shower runs clean again. 

If you do not want to ruin your shower head system, an effective and safe choice is to engage a professional service company. It is also best to avoid postponing the cleaning and maintenance schedules as it can lead to costly repairs and replacements down the road.

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