Five Awesome DIY Projects to Do at Home


Most of us have tons of unwanted stuff lying around the house. If you’re familiar with the TV show “Hoarders“, then you know just how important it is to get rid of the excess stuff before things get out of control. If it’s time for spring cleaning, however, don’t be in a rush to throw everything away. There are awesome DIY ideas that could put some of the stuff you want to throw out to good use. From plastic spoons to old gloves, almost anything could be turned into something useful for your home. Here are five amazing DIY projects you could try yourself.

1. Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls

With a few rolls of a used up toilet paper, you could create a false metal flower wall art that is sure to get you a lot of compliments. All you need is a few toilet paper rolls, a pair of scissors, glue, bobby pins and ‘spray paint with a brushed metal colour. Flatten the rolls and cut them into about six pieces per roll to form the petals. Next, glue the petals together to create a beautiful flower arrangement and keep them in place using the bobby pins until they dry out. Stick all the flowers together to form a neat arrangement and finally glue them on the wall to showcase your masterpiece.

2. Bulb Vase

You could use those pesky burned out bulbs to create a beautiful vase for your tiny flowers. You’ll need an old light pup, pliers, hammer and a nail set for the vase, a wire, a wire cutter and a wooden dowel for the frame. Break the bottom part of the bulb carefully and remove the filament or ‘guts’ of the bulb using the pliers for your vase. Next, drill a hole into the dowel wide enough to fit the wire then wrap the wire three time around the dowel then remove it with a wire cutter. Thread the coiled wire around to a tight fight and bend the wire to form an upright frame for your vase and your bulb vase is complete.

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3. Replacing Windows

This won’t necessarily involve utilizing any clutter around your house, but it is still a fun activity that could save you hundreds of dollars. Consider ditching ordinary glass windows for Vinyl Replacement Windows for a fraction of the cost. These windows are not only cheaper but also allow in more natural light into your living space for good effect. Install these windows easily by yourself, and you’ll save a considerable amount of money you would have paid on hiring a crew to do the work for you.

4. Peg Planter and Candle Holder

This candle holder is both stunning and easy to construct. You’ll need a can from any consumed canned food, a couple of wooden pegs, scissors and any decoration. Pierce the can and cut it in half using the scissors. Stick the wooden pins all around the half can, leaving no space in between. Complete the planter or candle holder with creative paper cut-outs or glitter, and you have a fantastic planter or candle holder.

5. Creative Clouds Lighting

This is excellent for the kids’ room and looks quite spectacular. It is also easy to make and requires very few materials. All you need is cardboard or thick manilla paper, a cloud stencil (optional), a marker, a pair of scissors and glue. Draw large clouds about 30 inches long using the stencil and make cut-outs of the drawing. Next, stick one cloud on your lamp and make sure you don’t cover the entire lamp. Stick the other clouds around the lamp to give it that sunset feel.

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These five DIY ideas are fun and exciting and add a bit of flair to your living space. Have the entire family join in on the fun, and it could even be a thing for the family. These activities will also put your clutter to good use and save you a great deal of money in installation costs and decor.

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