4 Home Improvement Ideas for a Growing Family

A home is a place of unmatchable comfort for families and individuals alike. However, your humble two-bedroom home might not suffice when your family is growing and things are changing. This could include your kids growing up and needing their own room or your parents moving in with you for some reason! 

In most cases, the logical solution would be to move to a new home. Of course, this is easier said than done. In a full-of-life city like Kentwood, MI, you’re probably leading a great lifestyle. The residential neighborhoods, family-friendly activities, and binding community events are all excellent perks.  However, moving to a bigger home is not recommended, especially if you already own a home and aren’t living on rental property. In 2022, the average cost of a home in Kentwood, Michigan, was $311,138, which is pretty high. Despite that, 58% of the city’s population owns homes. Hence, if you fall under this percentage, the best decision would be to make some necessary home improvements.

A few tweaks and additions here and there can make things more comfortable for everyone. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the following ideas: 

1. Add or Upgrade a Bathroom

Every individual wants and, quite frankly, needs a private bathroom in their room. But it’s not just about getting a private bathroom; at times, the aesthetics, fixtures, and space need to be upgraded within existing bathrooms. Consider Kentwood’s freezing winters when remodeling or adding a bathroom – you can use this opportunity to upgrade your own bathroom as well with a heated floor or better showerheads. 

You can also consult experts with ample experience in bathroom remodeling and shower replacement in Kentwood for better suggestions. They will not only provide high-quality fixtures suited to the local climate and style but will also recommend any design changes that can help maximize space and functionality. 

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Think futuristically to avoid spending major bucks later. Everyone needs to utilize the bathroom at several points during the day. It’s especially hectic in the mornings when everyone needs to get ready for work, school, college, etc. Taking steps to accommodate everyone better can help avoid arguments, frustrations, and delays. 

At the end of the day, you need to keep your family’s needs and the home’s layout in mind, along with a reasonable budget for the planned renovation.  

2. Try an Open Floor Plan

When your home is quite old, the odds are it won’t have an open floor plan. As a result, your living spaces may not cater to the needs of a large family. If you’d like more space for everyone to move about freely, consider renovating and opt for an open floor plan. You might be surprised at how useful that space is and how it can contribute to positive family dynamics.

Here’s what can happen when you knock down a few walls: 

  • You’ll get a larger space and can move around more easily.
  • It will be easier for the family to communicate as they can all view the dining area, living room, kitchen, and other spaces in one go.
  • With all the windows and fixtures in one room, the space will have better lighting
  • Several family members can hang out in the same space without feeling crowded.

Take precautions

Knocking down walls comes in the category of major renovations. Before starting such projects, contact a professional contractor and ask about the safety factor. Don’t knock down any load-bearing walls or do anything else that compromises the structure. 

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3. Get Creative With Storage

With more people in your home, you’d need more storage. Everyone requires bed linen, a place to put their clothes, and space for other belongings. A few project ideas for this purpose may include: 

  • Floating shelves or built-in bookcases
  • Desks that fold up when not in use
  • Multipurpose furniture, such as ottomans that have storage space inside
  • Use of vertical space, such as over-the-door hooks
  • Storage under the deck for seasonal or little-used items

The ideas for creative storage can go on. Take a look around your home and mark out potential storage spaces. A professional contractor can help you out with major projects. However, there are also simple solutions that only require the right gadgets and a bit of DIY.

4. Utilize the Attic and Basement

If you already have a basement or attic, this is the perfect time to utilize that square footage. Of course, these spaces might already be in use for storage, recreation, and other things. However, there’s a growing family to accommodate, and you must make some changes. Check out the following steps to transform these spaces into livable areas:

Declutter the basement or attic:

The first step is to remove any unwanted and unused items from these areas. Here’s what you can do with the stored items:

  • Build a simple wall or screen to make a smaller storage space.
  • Distribute the items to the rest of the family if they want them.
  • Donate, sell, or toss out items nobody wants to use or keep.
  • If there are items that you can’t get rid of or utilize, consider investing in a paid storage solution (outside of your home) until you can deal with it.
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Clean up

The next step is to thoroughly clean the space. Once you clear away the cobwebs and extra clutter, it’ll be easier to see the potential of the room. 

Decide on a renovation

You may want to bring in a renovation specialist. They will tell you what the basement and attic can hold. If possible, you may consider adding a bathroom to make it a separate living space. 

Major renovations are not necessary; that empty basement or attic can become an extra hangout space, bedroom, home office, playroom, etc. 


When your home gets a little cramped, a few renovations can make it more functional. Even if you don’t need to repair or build anything, certain projects help to make the most of a living space. There will be a certain amount of investment, but it should be worth it if your home life gets more convenient. Sit down with your family, listen to their requirements, and outline a plan. Talk to a professional before any major renovation, and start as soon as possible!

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